Laura Sophie Quinn ♥️♦️

♥ queen of Gotham🔫❤ cosplay girl & model crazy and vaxing half American 🇺🇸 half Greek 🇬🇷 🏠Frankfurt slytherin ♥️🐍 Next con gamescon ♥️

Aww I dunno where to start so 1 year ago and 3 months I started cosplaying I was rly unhappy and sick , and apparently this was the only thing that helped me. My first con was the Hanami 2017 back then I was insecured bout my body , i was unhappy and kinda depressive I lost my hope and dreams ... back to right now I’ve found my positive me Again I’ve learned to love myself ,to believe in my talent to ignore hate and I found people and friends that helped me to find my path ♥️🙈they’re here for me listen to me make me happy helped me guys I’m just so grateful for you all. I love you all ♥️😍 and to all I’m sry if I didn’t mentioned you but I’m grateful for every single one of you 2k just like a dream 😍 #cosplaygirl #harleyquinncosplay #happy #storytime #instatime #2k #friends #appreciationpost #cosplaypath couldn’t tag @floman8 @nenn_mich_jat
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