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"Every bite you take is a powerful opportunity to create health or promote disease" - @markhymanmd. 🥥 Thanks for the #ToastTuesday inspiration @thesaa.rahproject. We think a couple of dollops of our Chocolate COYO® coconut yoghurt would be the perfect addition to this delicious creation, adding some tummy loving probiotics ✨!
Simple but delicious! The joy of creating COYO®️ goes far beyond just the process of turning coconut milk into #coconutyoghurt . It’s the passion of sourcing only #certifiedorganic products, the history of our recipe from when our co-founder Henry, was making coconut milk as a child for his family’s dinners. It’s each amazing member of our COYO®️ family, who put their time and love into creating an authentic brand that our customers can trust. COYO®️ is so much more than just another tub of coconut yoghurt. It’s a commitment to creating real, authentic, functional food the whole world can enjoy 🥥.
You know when you are craving something and you just don't know what it is? It's probably this Chocolate and Beet Cake topped with our Chocolate COYO® Coconut Yoghurt 😋! Don't be scared to add veggies into your baking! Just because it traditionally wouldn't be added to a recipe doesn't mean it doesn't belong and won't turn the final creation into a flavour sensation. Get creative and experiment in the kitchen! Some days it might be a total flop but other days you might just create a new level of delicious on the deliciousness scale 🍰🥦. Photo by @thesaa.rahproject !
Enter the @littlebirdorganics Plant-Based Challenge and win over $5,000 in prizes! Including a months’ worth of COYO®! Simply make a #plantbased dish, post it to Instagram or Facebook and tag #plantbasedchallengenz to automatically go in the draw. Visit to find out more 🥥
Four delicious words - Pumpkin Banana Breakfast Loaf 🤤. This dream loaf is a vegan, gluten + sugar + egg-free bread, topped with COYO® coconut yogurt and pecans! Delicious and healthy doesn't have to be hard or overcomplicated! Keep it simple, real, full of goodness and topped with COYO® coconut yoghurt 😉 and you're onto a winner every time. Beautiful recipe by @yogaofcooking 🍌
If you weren't already counting down until Christmas, we will kick things off for you! There are only 67 days left until CHRISTMAS! That's nearly less than 2 months 😱 WHAT?! We know this time of year can be crazy and hectic, so we thought the best way to help you prepare is to provide you with some delicious recipes to save in preparation for the holiday season! Like this stunning Chocolate, Banana & Malt Tarte Tatin by @donna.hay. All you have to do is top it off with you favourite COYO® ice cream flavour and this will go down a treat with the whole family! You can file this recipe under Christmas desserts to look back on a bit closer to the date 🎄.
Did you know you can now find COYO® coconut yoghurt at @pressedjuices ? So now when you go to get your daily juice or healthy meal or snack, you can also pop a couple of tubs of our #coconutyoghurt into your basket as well 🥥!
We don't just vote with our wallet every day, we also vote with our fork about 3 times a day 🍴! The foods we choose to enjoy for each meal decide what society we choose for our future. One of our superpowers as consumers is deciding what gets put on the shelves of our grocery stores. By choosing one product over another, because it is better for you, filled with wholesome ingredients, is clean and avoids additives and preservatives is a simple step in voting for a sustainable future. At COYO® we focus on creating authentic, real food that nourishes our bodies with every spoonful. Our products are 100% natural and use only certified organic ingredients, sustainably grown and ethically made!
@pinchofyum filed this bowl of deliciousness under “Healthy things that Don’t Taste Like Sadness” ☀️! There’s chickpeas simmered in Fire-roasted tomato sauce, couscous, cucumber salad, hummus or our favourite addition Natural COYO®️#coconutyoghurt and toasted pita wedges! Is anyone else drooling?? 🤤
3 TIPS TO BOOST DIGESTION 1. Be mindfull. Move away from your desk, put the phone down, step outside and be in nature. You will automatically start enjoying your food flavours, breathe in fresh air and take in vitamin D from the sun, you will slow your spirit and your adrenals to help boost and process that meal.  2. Chew, chew, chew. By remembering to chew each mouthful properly, you will be able to fully digest the food and realease the full potential of the nutrients.  3. Don't overeat. Be conscious of when your tummy says I'm not hungry anymore! Hara hachi bun me is a Confucian teaching that instructs people to eat until they are 80 percent full, this gives your digestive system the space it needs to fully process your meal.
@thesaa.rahproject says the way to her Dads heart is with her hazelnut and chocolate bars! Well... we might have to admit that Thessa has also found the way to our hearts as well 😍! Topping these dreamy bars off with a simple icing made of 80% @pana_chocolate and coconut cream, we are thinking this would work perfectly with Natural COYO® coconut yoghurt. Have you ever tried turning our #coconutyoghurt into an icing for some delicious treats before? How did you go?! ✨
EAT MORE PLANTS 🌱! A desire for real food is a fundamental part of our basic biological blueprint. Avoid fake, commercialized foods that come in convenience packages or are made in a lab by instead eating real, fresh, whole foods. Remember, there’s no such thing as junk food. There’s junk and there’s food. Given the chance, our taste receptors will naturally gravitate toward vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. - @drmarkhyman
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