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Keeping with the theme of Slasher Horror, here is my tribute bust to Freddy from the original Nightmare on Elm Street 😈 To me Freddy will always be his most evilest in the first film. Hidden in the shadows and barely saying a word, but still a cheeky bastard. The bust itself was sculpted by @scarewearproductions who perfectly captured that cheeky persona. The sweater came from @davidbmillerfx and is an exact replica of the sweater from the first film. The glove was made by my dear friend Mark Petrie of @knifegloves 😎 Mark spent a few days with the original screen used glove, so you can’t get any better than that 🤘🏻 The fedora was the closest I could find off eBay as the original make and model fedora from the film is long gone 😅 Finally, the VHS you see is an extremely rare Australian copy of the original from 1985 when the film was released here on video cassette 📼 Have an amazing weekend, Geeks & Geekettes ❤️
FINALLY got around to finishing the right hand display thats clenching the knife 🔪 A lot of research/ trial and error went into getting these right. Ive got these bad boys for sale on my Etsy store as well as the set with the shotgun blast left hand 🎃 A massive thank you to @barnesproducts for always helping me out ❤️
Try and get a nice photo 😂 Ziggy is just over 11 weeks now and is showing such personality and amazing disposition..... until she covers your nose in bird slobber 😐
My unboxing/ review of the @ikoncollectables 1:1 Scale Aquaman Trident is now live on my channel, link in bio 🤘🏻 P.s. I need a tan 😅
Good times, great classic hits ✌🏻
Seriously blown away by the generosity of my dear friend Josh, who donated his @museumreplicaslimited Ep. 3 Obi-Wan costume to me for the new cosplay ❤️ At this stage I don’t know if I have it in me to weather this amazing piece of costuming. If you notice I’m sporting my Batfleck boots as the originals that came with the costume were too small, so I’m on the hunt for some new ones 🤘🏻 Beyond thankful and honestly don’t want to take this thing off.... until the back-sweat starts 😂 For the people with OCD/ purists: I’m keeping the long hair, deal with it 😉 The costume breakdown video is now live on my channel, link in bio 😎
There’s a lot going on here 😂 throwback to the photo shoot I did with the amazing @chrissiehall for her project “100 Pictures, 100 Stories.” 🤘🏻 Have an amazing day, Geeks & Geekettes 😇 . Chest emblem by: @gc5fx Bodysuit by: @frontiercostuming Scissorhands by: yours truely
Not a worry in the world, not anymore. ✌🏻 📸 @a_andria
Ziggy meet Michael. Michael meet Ziggy 🙃
Throwback. 2007. With a good friends Macaw 🐥 and too much hairspray 😂
We’re all very responsible 😂 Happy New Year 🎉 #herestobetterdays @souts1988 @a_andria @meegz27 @truehazington
2018 was interesting. Here’s to a peaceful 2019 ✌🏻
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