📸MODEL SEARCH: winners announced! 🎀Handmade pet accessories 🗽Long Island, NY 📦DM for custom orders 🎁Please don’t ask for giveaways/reviews

Size matters not, but swiftness sure might because we have new fandom releases dropping today! . Today will feature one Star Wars print, three Harry Potter prints, a Stitch print, and a Doctor Who print! This is the first of likely three new releases to this series. . Thank you to everyone who voted on our story about a week back. Because of you, in the upcoming releases you will see: Hunger Games, Golden Girls, Mean Girls, X-Files, Friends, The Office, Stranger Things, Star Trek, Deadpool and some celebs including Kim, Kanye and Drake! All of these will be limited releases so act quickly if you see something you like 😍 . . 📸: @airedale_yorkie_brothers 🛍: The Starship . 💰Check out our Models: @wicketthepomsky @furballdepardoo @nimbus_thebfd @spaghetti_and_bellini @princess_blackdahlia @airedale_yorkie_brothers @snowderps @adventuresofcoco_thebeagle @cashmoneyaltavilla @siamese_sora @eli_guard_the_shiba @maddiethepomsky @maddiethehousepanther @mia_honeym @lucky_pup14 @jericho_the_malinois @eight.speckled.paws @oden_aka_doug @h.h.bandersnatch @mischieviousmanny @della.and.ace @ohioluna . 🐺Say hi to the shop pups: @jarvis_the_pomsky @matrixthepomsky . . #handmade #handmadewithlove #etsy #shopsmall #dogaccessories #petaccessories #cataccessories #dogbandana #bandana #bowtie #dogbowtie #animallovers #animaladdict #animal #puppiesofinstagram #dog #dogs #dogstagram #dogsofinsta #dogoftheday #buzzfeedanimals #copilotcollections #makersgonnamake
I feel bad throwing this out there as a tease to those that missed out on the Valentine’s Day collection but I couldn’t not share how perfectly this bandana matches one of our new favorite tags from @caninecollectables ! . Although the bandana is sold out this vinyl can still be added to any available bandana because let’s be real, there’s never a bad time to celebrate our love for pizza! . The tag is still available over at @caninecollectables , be sure to use our code JARVIS10 to save on the whole Valentine’s collection- they really have some cute ones!! . . 📸: PC 🛍: The Pizza My Heart . 💰Check out our Models: @wicketthepomsky @furballdepardoo @nimbus_thebfd @spaghetti_and_bellini @princess_blackdahlia @airedale_yorkie_brothers @snowderps @adventuresofcoco_thebeagle @cashmoneyaltavilla @_foxybabygavino_ @cayde.the.husky @siamese_sora @eli_guard_the_shiba @maddiethepomsky @maddiethehousepanther @mia_honeym @lucky_pup14 @jericho_the_malinois @explorewithcaramel @pippagoeswalkies @lillyfluffkins @graysonthehavi @kratosthepomsky . 🐺Say hi to the shop pups: @jarvis_the_pomsky @matrixthepomsky . . #handmade #handmadewithlove #etsy #shopsmall #dogaccessories #petaccessories #cataccessories #dogbandana #bandana #bowtie #dogbowtie #animallovers #animaladdict #animal #puppiesofinstagram #dog #dogs #dogstagram #dogsofinsta #dogoftheday #buzzfeedanimals #copilotcollections #makersgonnamake #pizza #valentine #valentinesday
The time that many of you have been waiting for has come! I would love to give a big congratulations to our new models: . @eight.speckled.paws @oden_aka_doug @h.h.bandersnatch @mischieviousmanny @della.and.ace @ohioluna . All of these puppers have been big supporters of CPC for a while and I’m thrilled to have them join the team! If you weren’t chosen today, don’t worry. We hold a new search every three months. So that’s plenty of time to get noticed before the next search. We pay attention to those who have entered several time and continue to like and comment on our posts and stories. As always we do give special consideration to purchasers from our shop- so as a thank you to those who entered but weren’t chosen this time please use code ILOVECPC on your purchase today or tomorrow to save 20% and get into some new gear so you can show us what you’ve got. . Please visit our story to see who was chosen to return to the team from our winter season!
It’s a new year and what better way to celebrate than adding some new furry faces to our team?! This search will be just like our last one and is super easy to enter! If you want to be part of the CPC crew then keep reading to find out how. Special consideration will be given in this search both to customers of our shop but also accounts with HQ pictures/feeds. . . ‼️Rules:‼️ 1. Like this photo. 2. Follow @copilotcollections and @jarvis_the_pomsky , we will check! 3. Head to our story or HIGHLIGHTS! There you will find a flier which you can repost to your own story tagging us and three friends you think would also make awesome models. That’s it! By reposting the flier to your story we will review your entire account! 4. Feel free to comment down below and let us know if you entered or plan on entering 😁 5. Likes and comments on our photos are not necessary but will help you get noticed! In addition, purchasing from our shop is not a requirement but will certainly increase your chances of being chosen. 6. Current models may re-enter, but are not guaranteed a position. 7. This INTERNATIONAL search will run from now until Sunday January 13, 2019 at 11:59pm EST . 🎁Perks:🎁 1. All new models chosen will receive one FREE bandana which will become their “signature print” (must pay shipping if you don’t have an order in). For this search returning members will not receive a free bandana. 2. All models will receive a 30% discount code to use on purchases for themselves. 3. All models will receive a unique 10% discount code to share with their followers. 4. You will be compensated for code uses by earning a 10% commission on all sales with your code (not including other discounts or shipping). 5. You will be added to a group chat where I often share upcoming designs and releases and will be able to share your ideas and feedback. . . 📝Requirements:📝 1. Post four new photos a month to your page in CPC gear. 2. Post new releases, giveaways, contests, etc on your story as applicable. 3. Be active in the group chat! 4. Share your 10% follower code in your bio or caption of your posts. 5. Engage actively with our page liking and commenting on 3-4 posts per week
Cheers to a fabulous 2018 and welcome to the new year! We kicked off 2019 yesterday working on FOUR new collections and we have no doubt you’re soon to be as obsessed as we are. I’m so excited for everything we will be bringing you this year and I’m looking forward to lots of fun. . If you signed up for our subscription payment was due yesterday. About half are all set but that means we still have a lot of pups and kitties that haven’t confirmed their payment details. Please log in to your email and do so today so your spot does not go to someone on the waitlist. If you don’t see the invoice in your email be sure to check your spam and if you’re still missing it please message me so I can send out a reminder. 😁 . . 📸: PC 🛍: The Furberry Classic . 💰Check out our Models: @wicketthepomsky @furballdepardoo @nimbus_thebfd @spaghetti_and_bellini @princess_blackdahlia @airedale_yorkie_brothers @snowderps @adventuresofcoco_thebeagle @cashmoneyaltavilla @_foxybabygavino_ @cayde.the.husky @siamese_sora @eli_guard_the_shiba @maddiethepomsky @maddiethehousepanther @mia_honeym @lucky_pup14 @jericho_the_malinois @explorewithcaramel @pippagoeswalkies @lillyfluffkins @graysonthehavi @kratosthepomsky . 🐺Say hi to the shop pups: @jarvis_the_pomsky @matrixthepomsky . . #handmade #handmadewithlove #etsy #shopsmall #dogaccessories #petaccessories #cataccessories #dogbandana #bandana #bowtie #dogbowtie #animallovers #animaladdict #animal #puppiesofinstagram #dog #dogs #dogstagram #dogsofinsta #dogoftheday #buzzfeedanimals #copilotcollections #makersgonnamake
It’s a rainy day here in NY, but I guess I should count my blessings we’re not getting buried with snow instead. We have plenty of bandanas in stock for that chilly snuggly weather coming up. Head to our website to check them out! Do you have snow yet where you are?? . Tomorrow is the LAST DAY to sign up and guarantee a spot for our subscription service starting in January. The full details can be found on our stories, along with a detailed FAQ on our site. . . 📸: PC . 🛍: The Nice’n’Toasty . 💰Check out our Models: @wicketthepomsky @furballdepardoo @nimbus_thebfd @spaghetti_and_bellini @princess_blackdahlia @airedale_yorkie_brothers @snowderps @adventuresofcoco_thebeagle @cashmoneyaltavilla @_foxybabygavino_ @cayde.the.husky @siamese_sora @eli_guard_the_shiba @maddiethepomsky @maddiethehousepanther @mia_honeym @lucky_pup14 @jericho_the_malinois @explorewithcaramel @pippagoeswalkies @lillyfluffkins @graysonthehavi @kratosthepomsky . 🐺Say hi to the shop pups: @jarvis_the_pomsky @matrixthepomsky . . #handmade #handmadewithlove #etsy #shopsmall #dogaccessories #petaccessories #cataccessories #dogbandana #bandana #bowtie #dogbowtie #animallovers #animaladdict #animal #puppiesofinstagram #dog #dogs #dogstagram #dogsofinsta #dogoftheday #buzzfeedanimals #copilotcollections #makersgonnamake
We want to wish the merriest Christmas to all of our amazing friends, followers and customers today! As the holiday season finally comes to a close we just want to say thank you for all of your love and support this year! We have so many huge things already planned for 2019 and we can’t wait to have another amazing year doing what we love for all of you ❤️ . Be sure to check out our stories for all the lovely pups and kitties that rocked CPC this Christmas! . . 📸: @kaijutheblue . 🛍: Breed Specific Christmas Print . 💰Check out our Models: @wicketthepomsky @furballdepardoo @nimbus_thebfd @spaghetti_and_bellini @princess_blackdahlia @airedale_yorkie_brothers @snowderps @adventuresofcoco_thebeagle @cashmoneyaltavilla @_foxybabygavino_ @cayde.the.husky @siamese_sora @eli_guard_the_shiba @maddiethepomsky @maddiethehousepanther @mia_honeym @lucky_pup14 @jericho_the_malinois @explorewithcaramel @pippagoeswalkies @lillyfluffkins @graysonthehavi @kratosthepomsky . 🐺Say hi to the shop pups: @jarvis_the_pomsky @matrixthepomsky . . #handmade #handmadewithlove #etsy #shopsmall #dogaccessories #petaccessories #cataccessories #dogbandana #bandana #bowtie #dogbowtie #animallovers #animaladdict #animal #puppiesofinstagram #dog #dogs #dogstagram #dogsofinsta #dogoftheday #buzzfeedanimals #copilotcollections #makersgonnamake #christmas
NEW FOR 2019! Something exciting is happening! Starting in January we will be offering a monthly bandana subscription that brings our famous CPC #happymail right to your door. . The price of the subscription includes one bandana per month with your pet’s name or Instagram handle and shipping is FREE to all US addresses (and discounted internationally). Each month will have a surprise theme with an optional photo challenge- but it pays to play if you’re chosen as the winner you will get TWO free bandanas added to your subscription the next month 😱 . You can check out our stories for more info but a complete list of FAQs can be found on our website. Click shop then #CPCFashionFriday Subscription. Here you can find everything you need to know plus sign up is simple and easy! . There’s only 7 days left to enroll for January and spots are limited!! Who will be signing up?? . . 📸: PC . 🛍: The Party Animal . 💰Check out our Models: @wicketthepomsky @furballdepardoo @nimbus_thebfd @spaghetti_and_bellini @princess_blackdahlia @airedale_yorkie_brothers @snowderps @adventuresofcoco_thebeagle @cashmoneyaltavilla @_foxybabygavino_ @cayde.the.husky @siamese_sora @eli_guard_the_shiba @maddiethepomsky @maddiethehousepanther @mia_honeym @lucky_pup14 @jericho_the_malinois @explorewithcaramel @pippagoeswalkies @lillyfluffkins @graysonthehavi @kratosthepomsky . 🐺Say hi to the shop pups: @jarvis_the_pomsky @matrixthepomsky . . #handmade #handmadewithlove #etsy #shopsmall #dogaccessories #petaccessories #cataccessories #dogbandana #bandana #bowtie #dogbowtie #animallovers #animaladdict #animal #puppiesofinstagram #dog #dogs #dogstagram #dogsofinsta #dogoftheday #buzzfeedanimals #copilotcollections #makersgonnamake #subscription #subscriptionbox
Some of my models are here to tell you that if you purchased our breed specific print you should wear it TODAY and use #CPCFashionFriday ... both in celebration of Christmas and something new and super exciting that will be launching launching later today! . This has been in the works for a while and I’m so excited to finally share it with you 😁 Hope to see lots of puppers (and kitties!) repping their breed today. . . 📸: (tagged) . 🛍: Breed Specific Christmas Prints . 💰Check out our Models: @wicketthepomsky @furballdepardoo @nimbus_thebfd @spaghetti_and_bellini @princess_blackdahlia @airedale_yorkie_brothers @snowderps @adventuresofcoco_thebeagle @cashmoneyaltavilla @_foxybabygavino_ @cayde.the.husky @siamese_sora @eli_guard_the_shiba @maddiethepomsky @maddiethehousepanther @mia_honeym @lucky_pup14 @jericho_the_malinois @explorewithcaramel @pippagoeswalkies @lillyfluffkins @graysonthehavi @kratosthepomsky . 🐺Say hi to the shop pups: @jarvis_the_pomsky @matrixthepomsky . . #handmade #handmadewithlove #etsy #shopsmall #dogaccessories #petaccessories #cataccessories #dogbandana #bandana #bowtie #dogbowtie #animallovers #animaladdict #animal #puppiesofinstagram #dog #dogs #dogstagram #dogsofinsta #dogoftheday #buzzfeedanimals #copilotcollections #makersgonnamake
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