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Battle of New York is out!!! Vote your least favorite fight below. CHOOSE WISELY.
Characters: 10. Yuri 9. Norman Osborn 8. Kingpin 7. MJ 6. Miles 5. J Johan Jameson 4. Aunt May 3. Mr. Negative 2. Doc Ock 1. Spider-Man Aspects: 10. Easter Eggs 9. Photo Mode 8.Character Design 7. Voice Acting 6. Open World 5. Graphics 4. Attention to Detail 3. Combat 2. Story 1. Web Slinging Top 5 issues (mostly nitpicks) 5. Spider-Man is shown bleeding after Doc Wips him around, yet there's no damage on the suit. Also I swear he was stabbed by more then one of Doc's spikes on the arm, yet it only left one mark. (Told ya I was nitpicking) 4. I get y the Avengers are busy, but what about  Dardevil, Luke Cage? It would be cool if in the sequel, to avoid u having to stop countless repetitive crimes, some street level hero's could arrive to the scene before u do and take care of it. 3. Gadgets, LET ME EXPLAIN. I'm perfectly fine with the Webb gadgets in Hoco, and one of the reasons the combat is so unique in this game is cause of said Webb gadgets. But I like said, Webb gadgets. 2 of the gadgets Spider-Man has don't have jack shit to do with webs!!!!!! One of them sends people floating in the air, almost as if he stole Rocket's device. The other shoots gusts of wind out of his fricken web shooters!!!! Come on don't lie, that's lame as hell. 2. MJ and Miles Segments. I didn't mind these that much as you get my explore different parts of story with a new perspective. I liked 4/8 of these steath missions, and loved the Bombing one with Miles. But they really felt forced at times. Also the AI for the guards is so stupid. I can sneak a truck past them. Also if I happen t throw a rock in the direction of someone, and it lands by them. I guarantee they r not gena look at that rock, they are gena look in the direction a threw it and come after me. 1. Open world activities get a little repetitive. [I like stopping crime, but a crime every 2 minutes gets a little annoying. I also thought some of the side missions were kinda dumb and could of been handled better. PS I think I'm one of the few people that kinda liked catching the birds 😂 Verdict: FANTASTIC game and Spider-Man film. In the top 3 renditions of the character and his world for sure. Grade : A Score 9.5/10
I need to re-watch this show 😍
Can u buy the 2.1 version?
Thor v Loki is out!!! Vote your least favorite MCU fight below 👇
My new favorite Aunt May
Don't know about u, but I prefer the right 😌🍆
Here we have the top 5. Vote your least favorite MCU fight below 👇
Everone thinks the old lady is a skrull, but What if it's Captian Marvel who is a skrull? 🤔
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