S.T.A.R.S. Tac Unit 21

Hoping to be a real world gang unit officer. All my guns are airsoft or props Next con: ??? 20 U.S.A. Mass Massasoit Community College

I'm fully set up for college so this hopefully is the start to my real world goal of becoming a gang unit officer
I know it's not great but here they are #residentevilcosplay #starscosplay #raccooncitypdcosplay
Happy 4th of July everyone thank you to everyone who has served our communities, and our country from the troops, the firefighters, to EMT, and to the police. God bless America and have a wonderful day everyone!! #happy4th #happyinternationaldanceday #thankyouforyourservice
How does my STARS Rifle look?
She has come and it's beautiful!!
So these are my patches I'll probably buy a few more different ones but so far this is what I got what do you guys think?
I met Ash my life is complete
#stayalivechallenge @a_yesterday_cosplay this is actually a challenge I can get behind if you guys ever need to talk to someone I'm right here and I encourage you all to take part in this challenge for yourselves! I love you all!!
New set up with 4 M9 and M4 pouches plus a pouch for handcuffs
I still need a few things for the Hydra cosplay but I'm also working on a SHIELD combat agent.
Anywhere and anytime an agent is in need of assistance I'll be there to help #neverstopworking #SHIELDcosplay
So ignore my crooked plate carrier and crooked helmet I took this after a long day of airsoft and I didn't check my equipment to make a it looked right (I'm sorry it looks so bad)
My favorite show! It really makes me want to do a GCPD Officer cosplay but I don't have anything to put it together and I'm strapped for cash at the moment 😢😢
These are terrible pictures hopefully I will have better ones soon but I would like to introduce you all to my SHIELD ARTF (Agent Rescue Task Force) Agent Also I would like to thank a few people for being so helpful when I first started and before I started @thewanderingkhaleesi @meerkamis @rockncosplay @ghosthostgabbi @incipient_cosplay @katierose222 thank you guys! and thank you all so much I wish I could tag all of my followers! I love all you guys!
I have found the pants for my cosplay. I just wanted to say I am doing a SHEILD Agent cosplay but it isn't going to look like the agents in the movies or comics I'm creating a real life/comic inspired kind of thing
Excuse the crappy quality but I got my patches ironed on and I'm very close to being done with my first cosplay. I'm so excited!
All of this will soon be put on my first cosplay #firstcosplay #sheildagent