Collyde Prime

Jon snow's illegitimate african son. True king of the north.. Adman at TBWA. Cartoonist at AWONDA.

Your boy is on Getty images...representing tech in Naija and Lagos. that's an old picture however it's a good look. keep hustling keep working hard day you'd stand as a king before kings. #awonda
I haven't seen any villain squad in pop culture cartoons or movies that griped me as much as the ATATSUKI...even the soundtrack gives me the chills.
Designed by Collyde Prime for Heritage bank. #adsthatwereneverapproved #illustration #naijaads for the people who don't know...
Karishika drawn by Collyde
Giraya sama. The sage mode unleashed.
Register at if you want to get gems you are going to use in your work from the best.
People like you never die. I was still bumping your song yesterday so you still breathe through this beats like its just you and us still. #ripprokid 😢😢 one of the most underrated emcees in Africa. Rest in power. You made me want to be a rapper when you were on channel O
Bella para!!!
Cartoon network inspired us. @blatinwo his elder brother and I used to binge watch Hannah and babera toons wacky races captain planet...the whole 9 yards and in turn make our own comics. They were Wack as fuck. But it was a start.
@elewadebankolemoh thank you. From the depth of my heart.
Are you a juve fan? So many jerseys so many demons I have blasted apart. #adura #awonda #Prime
Profile! #Comingsoon
#characterdesign art director by day writer at night. #awonda #adura
Shout out to my instagram entrepreneurial thoties.
Monitoring spirits. Some are just there to monitor your activities. They don't give a shit. Be careful posting your kids too much ...putting your location or bragging about the next move. You don't know who is Who.
Sharp sharp. Pass the poli
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