Colleen Ballinger

I’m that girl with the lipstick on youtube. Business inquiries-

He looks exactly like Erik... but he definitely got my skinny legs. 👶🏼💄😍
my happy place. 🥰
Flynn is one month old today! And if you swipe, you’ll see how much he loves photo shoots. You’ll also see a very tired mom. (Also, new video on my channel! link in my bio.❤️)
i’m covered in barf, poop, and pee. i haven’t slept in weeks. i don’t remember the last time i showered. but this morning we found glitter on his butthole, and it’s moments like those that make it all worth it. ✨
There’s nowhere else I’d rather be on New Years Eve. Love these boys more than anything! 🥰 Happy New Year everyone!
Merry Christmas Eve!
absolutely obsessed. 😍
when i was 8 months pregnant i wrote a song and made a little music video about my excitement and fears about going into motherhood before my baby was born. link in bio! thanks to @google for making this video happen. #chromebook #sponsored
❤️one week old ❤️
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