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🎥Reverse Flash: Origins🎥 ⚡️ Job: Licensing Coordinator for Rubie's Costume Co. ⚡️ Passion: Writing, Acting, Filming ⚡️ ⬇️Reverse Flash Ep. 5⬇️

One of my favorite moments from the weekend! This little girl is a die hard Ninja Turtle fan who came from out of state to see the trailer for our new web series. After showing us her cute TMNT outfit, @propshopgarage gave her a Donatello head! She was so happy and so sweet. And even though I'm not a bad ass Ninja Turtle, she still showed Casey Jones some love. The kids are alright!
⚡️Finale tomorrow⚡️Catch up on episodes 1-5 by clicking the link in my bio!
"I am struggling in my pants right now." - @darthlexii (@veganspidey killed it as the moderator. Mad love for that guy.)
This was my favorite panel EVER! We can't wait to show you guys the finale ⚡️⚡️⚡️
Today's the day. The "Reverse Flash: Origins" finale will debut at @nerdbotcon ! ⚡️2:30 PM⚡️Panel Room A⚡️
Me before work. Every. Morning.
One year ago I was featured as The Flash on the official Justice League website! Even though that movie disappointed me, I'm still stoked I got to be the model for this costume. ⚡️⚡️⚡️
Here's some more turtles content because I'm super excited to see the teaser at @nerdbotcon ! And would you look at that beautiful RED camera?! 🐢🐢🏒🐢🐢
2 more days until we premiere the "Reverse Flash: Origins" finale at @nerdbotcon ! Costume by @cosplaysky
⚡️Previously, on "Reverse Flash: Origins"...⚡️ ⚡️ (I've always wanted to say that) FULL recap will be before the finale! 21 minute episode!'ve got some explaining to do! (4 days until the RFO finale)
One year ago we were preparing to release our episode 2 trailer at @nerdbotcon ! Now, we'll be releasing our finale. It's been an interesting year with lots of ups and downs, but I'm so proud of our cast and crew for bringing this untold story to life. See you guys this weekend! ⚡️
T-minus 5 days until the "Reverse Flash: Origins" finale! ⚡️Please help us spread the word by sharing this pic on your social media⚡️Graphic by @midastouchart Suit by @cosplaysky Cowl by @deltafxstudio Symbol by @chewyspropsandprintz
Low budget @stephenamell at your service! 🏹🏒
Looks like I brought a bat to a sword fight... (Here's a little sneak peek at phase 1 of our fight scene) Check out the dust that flies off me after the ninja kicks me! Ow!
It's 2:23 AM and we just wrapped! 😴 BUT! This picture accurately represents my face during filming. I had so much fun 🐢🏒 Teaser drops at @nerdbotcon this coming Saturday!
"TNT: Back In The Shell" is officially in production! I gotta say, acting next to live action Ninja Turtles is EPIC! Thanks for letting me be a part of this project. Catch the teaser at NerdBot-Con! 🐢🏒
🦇Happy Batman Day!🦇 Directed/edited/filmed by @seancfilms VFX by @midastouchart Costume by @xcosercostume Written by/starring @colintheblur
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