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Today car enthusiasts from all over the world converged at the @puristgroup #WinterDrive in #CityofIndustry to raise toys for children in need this holiday season. @seanlee768 I love you man. What you continue to do is inspiring for so many. Thank you for being such a shining light in the world. Today was a GREAT day. Thank you to all the sponsors and for all of those who came out! #PuristWinterDrive
Great night with these two 🤡@chestersee and @shaycarl during the #VuduViewingParty Thanks for having me over guys #ethanhunt #missionimpossiblefallout
Growing up people would ask, “what’s it like to be his brother?” I always shook my head and laughed never really understanding the question. “He’s a normal dude,” I would say. “He eats, sleeps and farts just like anyone else, you got a brother? It’s like that.” Now 5 years later I still miss him everyday. He influenced so much about me and taught me so many things. He would look me in the eye, hug me and say, “be good.” My family and I are proud of this documentary and are excited to share the EXTENDED version. Learn about the gun totin’ hippie like we knew him. Available now on DVD, OnDemand and iTunes. #proudfamily #proudbrother #iamPaulWalker #documentary #PaulWalker #reachoutworldwide
Thanks for the laughs @carolinejones So much fun working with you on this. #musicvideo
BIG congrats to this badass @loniunser for becoming one of FOUR finalists in the Mazda Road to 24 $100,000 Scholarship Shoot-Out. I had the opportunity to share the track with her a little over a month ago. Yes, she’s very fast 😎🏎💨Can’t wait for you to show Remi a thing or two 😉 Way to go girl 🙌
Cannot believe this little nugget turns one on Saturday. #remirogue #prouddaddy
Join ROWW today on #GivingTuesday ! Every donation, no matter how big or how small, helps ROWW continue their mission of spreading goodwill. Give today at #roww #givegoodwill
Just completed a supply drop for residents affected by the #woolseyfire . Thank you @loweshomeimprovement for working with #roww to get the specific tools needed to start the recovery efforts here in Malibu 🙏 pick up location for affected residents is @jonesbuildersgroup
Wait a second, is that @carolinejones ?🤔🧐 #memphistennessee
Oh come on, beginners luck??? 🤷‍♂️ (I saw this table and had to get my RDR2 on 🤣) #wildwest #melodyranch
Bet you didn’t know I could do whatever this pose is. But here I am doing whatever it is in #plainsight
A year next month?? They get old so quick.
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