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DO THIS, NOT THAT!💥 It's been a while but they're back by popular demand!🙌🏼 • Today we have the 45° Back Extension, a great exercise to strengthen your posterior chain!💪🏼🍑 💥Make sure to keep your shoulders down and back, keep your abs tight and your back straight. 💥Control on the way down so that you really feel the hamstrings stretch instead of the lower back working. 💥Come up all the way up (not past a straight line) and squeeze your glutes to really feel them activate and burn. 💥Breathe out on the way up. 💥If done correctly, this exercise can be amazing to fix lower back issues! #trainwithcoachnic @thephysicaltrainingcompany
1 week to go before @kingleduc gets in the ring to defend his world title 🥊💥 HERE WE COME 🇫🇷 Encore 1 semaine avant que @kingleduc retourne dans le ring pour défendre son titre de champion du monde!💥🥊 • 📽 @samiasimkhan @moemoneyofficial @r1221dxb @robchamberlain2 @cedric_kgd @marvellousjourney @normandothemagician @dealsonwheelsuae #trainwithcoachnic #thepowercoach
👦🏻❤👧🏻 • 📸 @10fwd #adventuresofnicandpatty
How the French Canadians roll up to the gym in Dubai 😎☀️ 💥 📸 @cedric_kgd 🏎 @r1221dxb 💪🏼 @kingleduc
Less than 2 weeks left before the champ @kingleduc defends his world title 💥🥊
Was great having Brown Ideye in Dubai this summer ⚽️💥 Best of luck for the season! 📽 @10fwd @sccvip #trainwithcoachnic
@karimbenzema doing some unilateral seated rows.⚽️💥 Unilateral training is training with the focus on one limb (arm or leg) working at a time. Here are some reasons why I always incorporate unilateral exercises in my athletes' workouts. 💥They generally have a very good carryover to the movements that are used in sports. You'd be surprised how often you spend your time on one leg at a time or are using one arm at a time during sports. 💥They strengthen important stabilizing joint muscles to help prevent injuries to keep you healthy and on the field/court. 💥Certain unilateral movements help to strengthen the core and increase its stability. 💥Helps to fix muscle imbalances. Very often athletes will develop one side stronger than the other, so it is good to make sure that both sides can get stronger. 🇫🇷 Karim Benzema qui démontre un exercice unilatéral, c'est à dire qui travaille un seul côté à la fois. Voici quelques raisons pour lesquelles je fais toujours faire des exos unilatéraux à mes athlètes. 💥Les effets transfèrent très bien à leur sport. Vous seriez surpris combien de temps les joueurs passent à travailler une jambe ou un bras à la fois! 💥Ils renforcissent les muscles stabilisateurs ce qui aide à prévenir les blessures. 💥Certains exos unilatéraux aident à renforcir les abdos et le tronc, ce qui aide la performance. 💥Ils aident à balancer les déséquilibres musculaires. Souvent, les athlètes ont un côté plus fort que lautre, alors c'est important de s'assurer que les 2 côtes se renforcissent. #trainwithcoachnic @realmadrid
Love this variation of the side plank shown here by @fankdabo ⚽️💥 It's a great way to work your core and obliques in a more functional manner than the regular side plank but I also really like it because of the strengthening effect it has on the shoulders and the rotator cuff muscles. 💥Try it for sets of 10-12 reps on each side with a light dumbell. 💥Keep your eyes on the dumbell and breathe out on the way up 💥Try to reach under as far as possible but dont drop your hips. #trainwithcoachnic
@ideyebrown showing a variation of explosive push ups using the bosu half ball. I always like to keep the movements as explosive as possible for athletes because they need to be able to be quick in a game.⚽️💥 @sccvip #trainwithcoachnic
#tbt to getting the chance to work with a future @nba superstar @cholbeny
Nothing I love more than helping my clients and athletes get better and reach their goals.💥 • Il n'y a rien que j'aime plus que d'aider mes athlètes et clients à atteindre leur buts et de s'améliorer à chaque jour!💥 @thephysicaltrainingcompany #trainwithcoachnic
@ryanmuldoon67 in Dubai for a few weeks and making sure he's getting ready for next season by focusing on getting stronger and more powerful!⚽️💥 #trainwithcoachnic @brownstar01 @asfc.official @ijf_academy
Nobody said it would be easy. They just promised it would be worth it.💥
1 month to go before @kingleduc defends his world title for the 6th time! 🥊🏆 It's crunch time 💥 • 📽 @10fwd #trainwithcoachnic
The boys @victoranichebe @pelts_86 @p17lky making sure they get their workout in when in Dubai!⚽️💥 • Great work by all of them. Does anyone think they can jump higher than @victoranichebe 🤔🔝 @jeff.reineadelaide la prochaine fois tu dois battre ça!🚀 @sccvip #trainwithcoachnic
@theredjemi27 finishing up his workout with a great conditioning exercise: The Battle Rope Slams 💥⚽️ • Such a good "Finisher" to add to your workouts to work your shoulders, core and posterior chain. 💥 They're perfect as an alternative or reduced impact conditioning tool for athletes and help you get that "afterburn" effect because of their high intensity. In other words, they will increase your metabolic rate for hours after the workout, helping you burn a lot more calories than a normal cardio workout.💥 🇫🇷 @theredjemi27 qui termine sa session de gym avec un super exercice pour améliorer son cardio! 💥 Essayez ça si vous voulez travailler les épaules, le tronc et la chaîne postérieure mais surtout si vous voulez votre cardio à haute intensité! En plus, cela vous fera brûler beaucoup plus de calories dans les 36 heures qui suivront comparé à du cardio normal! #trainwithcoachnic
Trying to practice what I preach 💥🚀 • J'essaie juste d'appliquer ce que j'enseigne 😅💥
@williamizi doing a bit of push press while in Dubai. I always prefer making my athletes do the push press instead of the strict press if they can do the technique properly. It's a more complete movement that will integrate hip explosiveness/power and will improve the ability to transfer force quickly which is needed in most athletic sports.💥 #trainwithcoachnic @thephysicaltrainingcompany
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