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Not as good as the first video to this song but still alright🤷🏽‍♂️🔥🖤 btw use headphones/earphones for this because it's 8D Audio😉 🎵Song : Mo Bamba - @sheckwes (8D Audio) 🕺🏽Dancers : @clouttboysam X @samuelbaah17 Shot By 📸 : @evrah__
Chemistry💉me & zayha didn't even know Nicky was gonna reverse 😅🔥 Follow (@clouttboysam ) if you haven't already 🐾 Dancers : @thenickid_ X @cloudy.j1 X @clouttboysam Song : Dolly - @liluzivert Shot By 📸 : @evrah__
SB17 X CBS 🖤🌩🔥 Shots by 📸 : @evrah__
You can call me Martin Luther King @thenickid_ "I had a dream"🔥I don't know what @samuelbaah17 was doing 😂😭 🎵Song : ALL IN - @zaehd & @1freebandceo 🕺🏽Dancers : @clouttboysam X @thenickid_ X @cloudy.j1 Shot By 📸 : @evrah__
Can't control my drip, sauce all on me🔥🌶tag @cocavango as many times as you can 🖤🕺🏽 🎵Song : Sauce All On Me - @cocavango 🕺🏽Dancers : @clouttboysam X @cloudy.j1 Shot By 📸 @iamevrah
We hit them beatsss🔥earphones/headphones recommended 😂😂 I nearly broke my legs for y'all so do me a favour and watch till the end to see it 😭 follow (@clouttboysam ) if viewing ❤ 🎵Song : Sicko Mode - @travisscott & @champagnepapi 🕺🏽Dancers : @cloudy.j1 & @clouttboysam Shot By 📸 : @iamevrah
You want bread b**** I want the whole loaf, and it's winter let me put on my coat❄🔥this song is too hard🐐tag @zaehd & @1freebandceo until they see it❤ Song : ALL IN - @zaehd & @1freebandceo Dancer : @clouttboysam Shot By 📸 : @iamevrah
Ngl that reverse free kick was sick and in sync🔥⚠️ shoutout to @lxstxrr for the editing & @iamevrah /@themodellingofevrah for the camera work❄ 🎵Song : Track Meet - @devtakeflightt 🕺🏽Dancers : @lxstxrr X @s1x.f X @clouttboysam X @cloudy.j1 X @thenickid_ 📽 Cameraman : @iamevrah @themodellingofevrah
Drip too hard💧☔
I had to post @cloudy.j1 's bit cos he snapped harddd😭🔥☔ @lxstxrr X @thenickid_ X @s1x.f 📽 : @iamevrah
I be baaaaalliinnnn like my nigga Mooo🔥❄snapped🕺🏽 Song : Mo Bamba - @sheckwes Dancers : @clouttboysam @lxstxrr @s1x.f @cloudy.j1 @thenickid_ 📽 : @iamevrah @themodellingofevrah
You really have to go hard when your dancing to this song 😂🔥 Song : Gummo - @6ix9ine Dancers : @clouttboysam @s1x.f @cloudy.j1 @lxstxrr @thenickid_ 📽 : @iamevrah @themodellingofevrah
Tiptoessss😂🔥Nicky in the background 😂😭 @_adamadem @thenickid_ @iamevrah @themodellingofevrah @cloudy.j1
Yosemite part 2 💥🔥🕺🏽Zayha is too cold at hitting the woah idc😥drop emojis👇🏽😏 Dancers : @cloudy.j1 @clouttboysam 📽 : @iamevrah @themodellingofevrah
I feel like I'm chosen, all covered in gold😼🔥 Song : Yosemite - @travisscott Dancers : @clouttboysam @cloudy.j1 📽 : @themodellingofevrah @iamevrah
Zayha thought the beat was gonna carry on 😂😭🔥 Dancers : @clouttboysam @cloudy.j1 @thateddybang 📽 : (@iamevrah @themodellingofevrah )
Zayha's spin and reverse was too coldd😭🔥last part I'm posting tmrw🙏🏽❤ want the name of the song go to my last post🔁 Dancers : @cloudy.j1 @thateddybang @clouttboysam 📽 : @iamevrah @themodellingofevrah
We finna go crazzyyy🔥this is just the first part I'm gonna post the others later on this week🕺🏽🔥 Song : Finna Go Crazy - Can Cool Dancers : @thateddybang @clouttboysam @cloudy.j1 📽 : @themodellingofevrah @iamevrah
Another old video 🙏🏽🔥 newer videos coming soon sorry about the wait 😅😅 Song : Look Alive - @champagnepapi @blocboy_jb Dancers : @clouttboysam @gs_theofficial @king_manny221_ @thenickid_ 📽 : @themodellingofevrah @iamevrah
First post 🙏🏽🔥this is kinda old btw but comment what you think 🔥❤ Song : Memo - @youngthug Dancers : @clouttboysam @kxng_godwill @strictminimum23 📽 : @themodellingofevrah @iamevrah