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Weekend plans 😴 @natashalimiphoto
Finally!! Super proud of this film and can’t wait for everyone to see it. In theaters and on demand May 17 #aviolentseparation
Cannot stop staring at these photos @natashalimiphoto. My heart lives outside my body now ❤️😭 P.S. Regretting the turtle neck that made me look like Elizabeth Holmes. I blame sleep deprivation.
I am so blown away by all of the love I received following my last post. I am reminded of the incredible support that comes with sharing vulnerable moments. I feel like I am part of a beautiful tribe - we are all in this together. Thank you for helping me to feel normal. For sharing your stories. They gave me great comfort. This little guy must have heard my prayers because he slept like a champ last night and had a great feed this morning. I’m so glad I kept trying and I’ll re-read your comments every time I’m feeling down. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️
This was me yesterday after struggling through a tough feed. Exhausted, in pain, feeling defeated. I’ve had many moments like this since my son arrived. My only concern is making sure his needs are met, yet I often feel that I’m falling short. Motherhood is an overwhelming combination of bliss and self-doubt. I try to remind myself that I can’t be perfect. I can’t be everything for everyone. I just have to do my best and take it one hour at a time. Thankfully, this little guy is worth every second of struggle. Mamas out there - tell me I’m not alone??
Discussing all things pregnancy in the Spring issue of @minimagazine. It’s hard to believe I was still pregnant just over a week ago - it feels like a distant memory!
My dream came true. Thank you @avawomen for helping me on this journey. Counting my lucky stars every day. #ClaireXAva
James Holt Joblon ✨ Everything they say is true. There is no love like it ❤️
Rare whale sighting on Venice Beach 🐳
As I inch closer to my due date, I often find myself reflecting on the incredible capacity of the female body. I cannot believe that I’ve created, nourished and housed a little human! It hasn’t been an easy process - I’ve cried many tears and cursed my aching body countless times. However, I have never loved or respected myself more than I do now. This #internationalwomensday is a particularly meaningful one for me. I am truly in awe of all those who have taken the journey of motherhood before me, and I feel so excited to be joining their ranks. I’m also reminded of the incredible strength that women possess, which extends far beyond having children. Every day I see examples of kind women, passionate women, intelligent women, driven women. I am endlessly inspired by ladies I know and love as well as by those I’ve never even met. Thank you to all the women in my life - and to women everywhere - for never ceasing to amaze me.
Georgia, 2011 - the early days (when people still used aggressive filters) #tvd #tbt
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