Julia Lanning Mallin

I can fly again! Thanks tiny horses and Southwest!
Student guide: we call it Six Geese Flying East Bub: There are only five and they’re headed north. Student guide: hmmm
The kids wondered why tater tots and chocolate milk were so expensive.
Louie has a leg up on Othello.
Another handsome toad for @mollie.mallin You’re welcome.
It’s Samantha’s birthday!!! Happy 14th!
So helpful.
Ran into this guy tonight.
We met Greg Gutfeld. He’s taller in person. I’m older in person.
And just like that, they were gone, but not before leaving us the sparkliest crosswalk in the neighborhood.
I do not remember inviting him to dinner
Just relaxing on the front porch
As soon as I put clean linens on a bed...
How Othello says good morning
I’m starting a new account dedicated to powder rooms.
It’s Mother’s birthday! (1932-2017)
It’s Mother’s birthday!
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