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This video consists of me driving my chin into the floor for the seventh time today, kinky back stuff (kinky, not *kinky*), two people that I love very much, inserting my foot into my ribs and it actually staying there 🤗, and a song that makes me think happy thoughts 💞 Enjoy • . • Do You Love Someone - @grouplove
@gringallery you sweet talented angel 🖤 thank you for these sneaky little shots while I was training! See you soon 😘
Working on it 🐍
It was a good dream ✨
The Moon Asked the Crow for a Little Show in the Hazy Milk of Twilight 🌙✨
Ooo this project will be the death and rebirth of me. I've been obsessively creating, editing, tearing, erasing, and recreating the Sequence of Similars for two weeks now. And it's coming along slowly. There's still hiccups and sticky places to work through. I can't seem to pick a song that is moody and softly dramatic enough. And I want this to be more fluid. But here it is. Thus far. Music is: Haunted by a Freak ~ @mogwaiband 👻
Upon reviewing my Halloween Showcase routine, @avatar_lou gave me the most amazing feedback/ constructive criticism which has led me over the last week to obsessively create the Sequence of Similars, which I finally got to try out today at open gym. This is a very small part of it and there are still kinks to iron out, but it's moody and involves a lot of similar sequence pieces at different heights of the hoop. And it gave me a chance to bust out my new tights 🖤 • . • Lou thank you for inspiring me like you always do, right when I need it the most ✨
Next showcase I'll hold you again and we can just keep going back and fourth forever with big happy smiles and overflowing hearts 🖤
These showcase pictures make me so happy. I love these people. I love the unique things that all of us do and I love that we all do them whole-heartedly 🖤 #MichaelCouldntCome #ButWeAllMissedHim #SoBroomMichaelSelfieWasNeeded
How to Pose for Pictures - a novel told in pictures brought to you by Sarah and myself 👯‍♀️🎪🖤
"No work or love will flourish out of guilt, fear, or hollowness of heart, just as no valid plans for the future can be made by those who have no capacity for living now." -Alan Watts 🖤🔮✨
This performance was one of the most stressful projects of my entire life. I LOVED getting creepy for everyone. I LOVED piecing together this costume with my makeup artist/ master hair designer/ incredibly supportive mother. I LIVE for watching all of my peers build their routines from the dirt to the sky. • . • And I fucked it up. Five times. So if I didn't get to creep you, enthrall you, or just make you very uncomfortable, don't worry. Miss Levine will return in time and she'll be much creepier. • . • 🎶 Miss Levine ~ @beatsantique
Magic tricks ✨ . . 📸: @chirolisap
Tomorrow 🥀 . • . She's coming 🎪🖤👹
Decency - Balthazar
cool tricks from Jenly ft other cool tricks by @sarahmoslencircus in the background 😍😍
Nothing but chewing on those strings of love 🖤 • Decency ~ Balthazar • Showcase is one week away so naturally I'm battling the urge to change my whole routine, apparatus, and costume 🙃 pls help Anyway, enjoy this revisited Lyra video 👹
One more week 👹🎪🖤
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