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My favorite sport of the year!! This kid has taught me so much over the years. His faith has always been incredible. The way he believes that all people are good, sometimes is scary, watching him work for what he wants is breath taking. He knocks down obstacles and gives 110%. He knows what he wants and works hard. He wins every one over with his constant smile. I am proud to call him my son and to admit that if we are open to it, our children can also teach us some things in life!
I’m not a big fan of snow unless I can play in it but sometimes the fresh untouched snow, takes my breath away. Does anyone else have an opinion on snow?
Spinach fruit salad! Salad includes strawberries 🍓, blueberries, pineapple 🍍 and walnuts! All healthy and delicious and ready to take for my lunch! I don’t use a dressing because the strawberries give me enough liquid to make it perfect! Happy Hump Day! Want more recipes? Send me a message!
Some thing you may not know about me is that I own an inspirational boutique. I love this t shirt I have on because the words on it also describe me @ Hustleislandhq. Please visit my Facebook page to see more shirts like these. Get in your hustle mode!
Every single day I am thankful for the team I am on! In just a short time we able became friends. You know how some times you just click with someone? Yep! That’s what happened to me last week! I had an amazing time with brand new friends and family!
Miso Soup!!!! Can’t get enough of it!!! It wasn’t until I decided to do a cleansing program called the “The Ultimate Reset” that I had even heard of this great tasting , low sodium, non gmo, gluten free soup. I don’t know why! Maybe because my family was mostly raised on German foods? Anyway I just wanted to share my gold with you! Happy Monday!!! If your interested in the deets then please message me!
There are so many great people in this world that we fail to recognize! Today I want to thank all of our veterans for not only fighting our wars but helping other countries fight theirs and then coming home and fighting your own forever! God bless you!
Are you starting a business and don’t really know how to reach people that you can really help? I feel you. Your giving your heart and soul with strangers and you will have someone judge you. Guess what? They have nothing to do with you. Start by changing your relationship with fear. Lean into it and find you can beat fear. So see, if you are reading this, then you are the miracle of your own existence, you are enough! Your perfect self already exists inside of you. Go out there and work your business, knowing it is important to you and listen to your heart because your heart doesn’t lie to you. Your welcome! Now if you still question yourself. Send me a dm!
devoted to the Ultimate reset! If I told you this is easy then I would be lying.... but I am proving that it’s not only possible but it’s working for me. Even when big events with socializing and amazing food has been part of my agenda, I found substitutes for meals and have fought back the temptations and sometimes hunger and cravings and dealt with headaches and fast runs to the bathroom and now after two weeks I can say wow!!! I feel good inside and out and much more focused. I still have a week to go and I am looking forward to seeing what results I have at the end of next week. Follow me and cheer me on the rest of this 21day journey and I will send you a free recipe guide for a one week detox. Just email me some inspiration!
Leaving for Dallas today!!! I am going to learn so much from “The Platinum Edge”. I am a health and life coach dedicated to help you become the healthiest and most rounded person you can be. My interest has always been in the health field both physically and mentally since high school. I went on to College to get my degree in psychology. That wasn’t enough for me though. I care too much about people to stop there. So I went on to become a certified nutritionist. But it doesn’t matter how much education you have, if it’s just for the money and it’s not where your heart is than your not giving your best. I have now lost my husband, mother, father, brother and a few friends from unhealthy life styles. Well, except my brother. When my mother died of Cancer, I really started researching. And then, I was diagnosed with Cancer. I had a young son to raise yet. No way was I going to let Cancer win if it wasn’t in God’s Plan. And as you can see... I won. People, friends, please listen to me. You have it in you to stop so many of the diseases that are out there. These come from man not God. I want you to live longer. I care about each and every one of you! Let me help you feel better. Let me teach You how to live a happy healthy life! What’s stopping you???
Having a difficult day? Week? Give it to God and Let it go!!! Then return to your mat and do yoga and breathing! Doesn’t that sound simple enough?
Maybe it doesn’t look so tasty to you but I am at my Boutique and this is my first meal of the day! Plain Yogurt with raspberries and it tastes heavenly!!!! I am on The Ultimate Reset and have actually been introduced to many foods that I haven’t heard of before and some that I wouldn’t have thought of even trying. I have been pleasantly surprised and already know that some of these recipes will become part of my regular diet. I plan on doing this again in January! It helps clean your system and reset your insides. I feel amazing!!!!
Just a few hours spending one on one time with my daughter!!!! And she decides she going to do a makeover! So much fun just like when she was 10! I am so grateful for my relationship with my children!
The color of purple.... is often associated with royalty, nobility, luxury, power, and ambition. It also represents meanings of wealth, extravagance, creativity, wisdom, dignity, grandeur, devotion, peace, pride, mystery, Independence, and magic. Wow wow wow! This has been my favorite color since I was a little girl so it must mean something about me. I agree with almost everything except I don’t think I have any magic powers, I do not come from a royal family and I am not rich. But you will find me with dignity and devotion and peaceful and pride and maybe mysterious and very independent. How does that pertain to you????? I would be the best possible health coach or life coach or both for you! If you are looking to get healthy physically and mentally than send me a message and let’s get started!
Mixed vegetables with Tempe! Part of my reset meal plan. Once in awhile a good cleaning out of the junk in your body is good for you! If this is something you would be interested in doing for yourself and have my help, please dm me!
Waiting for xray results!! I am watching his face and he is trying so hard to be brave. Basketball 🏀 is his ❤️! His life has always been basketball and he couldn’t wait to officially start. The bad news came. His humorous bone is fractured and tomorrow we go to the Orthopedic. He tried to laugh it off but his mom knew different.... his heart is shattered. 😥🏀no more basketball for awhile. Please pray for a quick recovery!!
Hello! If you haven’t realized yet I live in the Midwest. I don’t like our cold winter’s but our falls are absolutely beautiful. Our 🍁 on our 🌳 turn into beautiful colors, our 🌅 can be astonishing, thanksgiving is just weeks away where we spend family time and always praising God for our time together. We have food and laughter and games and most of all warm hearts. My son and I usually like to have a bonfire and Smore‘s at least once or twice. And then basketball begins and I get to watch my son play with his ❤️, something he’s been doing since third grade. And of course, I have to go to the galleria mall in St. Louis to begin my Christmas shopping. His favorite meal in the fall is tomato soup and grilled cheese and mine is squash soup and grilled cheese. What is your favorite thing about Fall? Please comment below and make sure you tell me where you’re from. The most interesting story will win you one of my favorite sugar scrubs!
Breakfast!!!! Eggs are topped with flavor god cheese seasoning and turkey bacon is from butcher box. Both are in my links on my bio page.
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