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Are you moody? Feeling like everything irritates you? Sleepy? It could be your hormones. It could be your not getting enough sleep. It could be as simple as changing your diet. The 131method helped me find out what was going on in my body. I learned things I didn’t learn in college or from doctors. Today I am without swollen fingers. I don’t wake up in pain anymore. I am not irritated all the time and I average 8 hours of sleep a night. I feel better. And now I feel lovable. Oh and I let Jesus take the wheel!!! How do you feel when you wake up in the morning? Please click on the link in my bio for more information on 131!
I know,really bad coloring in this picture but this chili was so good omg! 💁🏼‍♀️What can I say? When I went to post it, it was obviously after dinner and when I realized the picture was too dark, well it was too late. Anyway, nothing is better than hot chili on a cold snowed in night! Yep! 10 inches and we weren’t going anywhere. It was chili for dinner and Netflix after! Family time! If your interested in my recipe, you have to ask. Hint!!! #meathack it’s ground turkey!
I make goals on a daily basis! I can’t even remember the last time I didn’t. Yearly goals are different though. It takes me awhile to get it right. I don’t want to make them too easy or too hard. I try to make them challenges. 1. Get rid of the cancer. Do you think I am kidding? I fight it with food and without food. I know it sounds contradicting but there are many foods with preservatives and insecticides that help your cancer cells to grow. And then there are foods that help fight against cancer. And you add less stress and faith to that and your chances of surviving are greater. 2. I have found myself feeling sorry for my self. Now this is getting uncomfortable. But I need to say it to conquer it. Without a spouse to share your day with , without your friends living close or busy, with a 16 year old very busy and the rest of your family gone.... I am lonely. I put more hours into my new business but feel like at the end of the day I am still alone. So I am putting my big girl pants back on and fighting back. I will be ok. In fact, I will be better!! My self development books will get put to good use. 3. I will concentrate more on my home. I plan on moving in 2020, out of the state and my house needs to be ready to sell. 4. My faith will not be 2nd. It will be first. I don’t think going to a church makes you a better Christian but I do believe it helps to have like minded people surrounding you. So new church and new beginnings. 5. Money will be more important to me than it has in the past. It doesn’t make you happy by itself but when you stop struggling to make ends meet, well you must get me!!!! Life is a bit easier!!!! Share with me your number one goal for 2019!!!!
1. Support vital functions in the body!!!! Your body is composed of about 60% water. This is necessary to support digestion, circulation, the creation of saliva, the transportation of nutrients, and the maintenance of body temperature – among other bodily functions.As simple as it may be, drinking enough water throughout the day can make a big difference in making sure that everything in your body is in top shape and running the way it should be. 2. Muscle stamina....If you don’t drink enough water, one of the first side effects you’ll notice is muscle fatigue. This happens because your body is experiencing an imbalance of fluid. If you exercise regularly, it is especially important to stay hydrated so that your body is able to do everything being asked of it during a workout. But even if you don’t frequent the gym, staying hydrated can help prevent your muscles from feeling sluggish. 3. Kidney function...They help sift out waste and transport urine to the bladder. Your kidneys need enough water in order to be able to do this efficiently. If there is not enough fluid passing through your kidneys, the minerals within these fluids can crystallize into clumps and form kidney stones.Of course, you can still get a kidney stone even if you drink plenty of water, but staying hydrated certainly helps your system to run the way it’s supposed to and prevent unwanted blockages from forming. 4. Ease digestion and promote circulation... Nobody wants to deal with digestion issues. Fortunately, drinking water adds fluid to the colon, which helps ease digestion and make sure everything keeps moving through your body as it should. 5. Aid weight loss... While no amount of water will magically make you lose weight, staying sufficiently hydrated can certainly help you shed unwanted pounds. Who knew that was one of the benefits of drinking 8 glasses of water? There are so many more benefits of drinking water. Just try and get 72 ounces in a day!!!! Comment how much you drink per day ..
Love this oatmeal from @131method @chalenejohnson. I had it for my breakfast this morning! It’s quick and easy and healthy!
My two favorite guys in my life!!!! Ryan, I am so proud of your hard work and dedication you are putting into Basketball, school and just being a good person. Little Tucker, you are so precious and I promise to love you and be around for you . I think Ryan will make a great uncle!!! Happy Tuesday boys! I love you!!!!❤️
This morning I woke up and all I could do was think of have blessed I am! What a beautiful morning! I have a roof over my head, food in the refrigerator and children of faith and courage. I want to help someone today! Could it be you? Do you need guidance in the health area? Are you not feeling up to par? Is there something in your life that is keeping you from living the way that God wants you to? Have you lost someone lately and are grieving? You aren’t alone! And I am here for you to help you get through those tough times and give you guidance. Type in that email message or dm me!!!!
Just last week I did a video on not being sick in 5 years. I proceeded to say that I believed part of the reason was because I was building my immune system up by drinking shakeology@beachbody 🤧Over the weekend I visited Grandma who was very sick with head and chest flu. My first instinct was to stay away, but she is older and needed the help. I washed my hands consistently and wiped everything she was touching down. 🤧Still I woke up this morning with a slight sore throat.The first signs of a cold coming on. Crap!!! And I just did that video! 🤷‍♀️What to do?? I had two nutritional shakes today and 8 hours of sleep and sat in a sauna with Eucalyptus. I also checked my @131method app for foods to build immune system. And I prayed. 😷Tonight I will drink green tea with honey and go to bed early. Tomorrow I will check in and let you know my progress.
Happy Friday! Please go to IG TV on my profile to watch the rest of this informational video that you’re not going to wanna miss. 🥑 I am going to share with you my health wealth. This is not something that I normally do on Instagram. But sometimes you just have to do what your heart tells you to do. 🥑I am a nutritionist, health coach and a life coach. Part of who I am is in helping people. If I don’t share something that has worked for me, well, I wouldn’t be helping you! 📺 Check out my IG Tv on my profile for the full version of my health wealth!
Remember this: The next time you put someone else’s needs first. When someone treats you with disrespect. When others doubt you. When do you think your dreams are too big. no matter what your pasts are, where you are at present, you are so very enough. Remember it always and with every decision you make.
This hearty Chinese food braises beef brisket in a soy and anise broth that you can spoon over rice noodles.
I am so excited about the New Year coming up. I can visualize great things happening in my life. Visualization is so important. Like your mind set. You are who you think you are. Do you get what I am saying? Right now I have a banner made for my phone wall paper with my top 5 goals for the year! Now every time I open my phone I visualize my goals. What are your biggest 2019 goals? What is your mindset?
The only thing I need to get me through every thing in my life. All of us have different ways of coping with struggles. What are some of the ways you deal with yours?
Greek Yogurt with fresh berries and almonds! Simple, delicious and has protein! Baam!
How much QUALITY time do you spend with your kids? I am not talking about just your small ones but all ages. Even if it’s a phone call. When I first started my business I spent probably 12-15 hours a day posting, messaging, watching YouTube tutorials, taking courses, setting up a website and blogging. I would work until 3am and then was too tired to get up in the morning to see my son off to school. Granted he was 15 and capable and willing to take care of getting himself off to school but I started feeling the guilt. Does anyone get me???? The best money I spent on was push Journals @chalenejohnson @pushjournal . Now my time is organized and I can take out time for the most important people in my life. My family. Just do it!!! You won’t believe the difference it will make in your life and with your health. I am challenging you to take a picture of how you organize your time. The first one that responds with a comment, will get something free from me!
Have a blessed Wednesday and remember this quote for your words can change someone for life!
Merry Christmas 🎄 For many years our family ate the traditional ham for Christmas and Easter! Two years ago ago we changed it up! Prime Rib it is! We made our own recipe and it is better than any place that we have ever had it. Don’t be afraid to change things up once in awhile and have more than 1 tradition. Change can be very positive!!!
Don’t forget to take care of yourself during the holidays! If you want some free samples of exercises to do at home, please dm your email. If you would like over 600 workouts to do out of your home with some accountability, dm your email and I can help you with that! Feeling alone and depressed during the Holidays? Your not alone. You May also contact me for that too and I will schedule a call with you!
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