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IDONTMIND showing my support. ◼️♥️ This is the last day of Mental Illness Awareness Week, and I’m so thrilled to see all the love from the past seven days. Keep it going! Did you know that 1 in 4 people will be diagnosed with a mental illness in their lifetime? It affects so many of us, so let’s make it easier for those who are suffering to get help by talking about mental illness without judgment. #IDONTMIND , do you? - #MIAW18 #mentalillnessawarenessweek
It’s hard to believe there are this many people affected in the world, and it’s still so hard to talk about. IDONTMIND sharing, listening, and showing my support. Follow @idontmind to share and learn this week, and let’s make some noise together! ◼️♥️ #IDONTMIND #MIAW18
Thank you to everyone who has shared, listened, and felt this year. So much love. Stay positive, and stay open. ♥️
Have a nice day! 😆
about to be sent off in a pod or something probably ❎❎
It’s Mental Health Month, and #idontmind  talking about my mental health. All the proceeds from @idontmind for this month go to @mentalhealthamerica , so get this shirt and feel great wearing something cool that also says something. ◼️♥️ Visit to shop! [link in bio] 📷: @melissabenoist
It’s Mental Health Month! ◼️♥️ Share your thoughts and feelings. Stay open. Encourage each other. And follow @idontmind for some awesome new products to start your conversations. Wear it like you mean it. #idontmind #mayismental
happier place ⛷⛷
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