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about to be sent off in a pod or something probably ❎❎
It’s Mental Health Month, and #idontmind  talking about my mental health. All the proceeds from @idontmind for this month go to @mentalhealthamerica , so get this shirt and feel great wearing something cool that also says something. ◼️♥️ Visit to shop! [link in bio] 📷: @melissabenoist
It’s Mental Health Month! ◼️♥️ Share your thoughts and feelings. Stay open. Encourage each other. And follow @idontmind for some awesome new products to start your conversations. Wear it like you mean it. #idontmind #mayismental
happier place ⛷⛷
happy place ⛷🎿❄️
Let’s never stop exploring ♥️
HAPPY ♥️ DAY!!! I love these limited edition @IDONTMIND hats so much... hurry and grab them before they’re gone, only a few left! 😱◼️♥️ [link in bio]
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