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Growing up one of my big heroes was Andy Irons. 3 times world champion surfer, one of the most exciting people to watch in and out of the water. Like many people, I was unaware that he quietly battled with bipolar disorder and opioid addiction which ultimately led to his untimely demise. Emotional, heart-wrenching, inspiring and uplifting. I'm excited to announce the @tetongravity film #AndyIronsKissedByGod is now available on iTunes. Watch it now via the link in my bio.
My kids are so in tune with one another they even synchronise their crashes #futurestuntrider #littlechampions @elsapatakyconfidential
Wishing this legend an epic start to his career today! One of the most exciting prospects in the NFL, lotta pressure, excitement and anticipation but what blew me away meeting him was his work ethic and humility. Keep it up mate!! @saquon
Amazing trip to Switzerland recently to visit the @tagheuer factory and embark on my very short-lived apprenticeship as a watchmaker, apparently they need to actually tell the time once assembled. Safe to say I’ll be looking at other career options! Amazing experience and newfound appreciation for the craftsmanship that goes into these little time-telling devices! Thanks for having me @tagheuer and @jcbiver #DontCrackUnderPressure
Piss off, Thanos! You can’t take away my friends. Wakanda forever! Congrats to GQ’s International Man of the Year, @chadwickboseman. @boss #BOSSxGQAwards #ThisIsBOSS #ManOfToday
Thank you @empiremagazine for this amazing cover shot @elroyalemovie
All roads lead here, coming to theaters October 12. See the link in bio for the full trailer. #ElRoyaleMovie
All roads lead here. New trailer tomorrow @elroyalemovie
Behind the scenes on MIB getting @bobbydazzler84 camera ready. Unfortunately they didn’t use him that day due to multiple cuts on his face. Nothing a bit of makeup can’t fix #MenInBlack
Thanks GQ for capturing the many faces of my hands, they’re constantly moving and evolving and luring the observer into a false sense of relaxation while carefully planting subconscious thoughts about purchasing advanced tickets to @elroyalemovie Big thanks to Lauren Larson for the great chat and kind words! 📷@alasdairmclellan @GQ
7 Strangers, 7 Secrets, 1 Connection. #ElRoyaleMovie @elroyalemovie
If anyone was gonna break the news to me being the least favourite Chris I’m glad it was you @therock and embedded in that message a birthday song brought me joy. Also my kids after seeing this said “dad are you friends with Jumanji!!!”. And now possibly think I’m cool. They expect you at each of their birthday parties in the coming years 😘🙏💪
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