Chris Papadakis

•GLΛM TRΛDITIONΛL• •Owner/Tattooer @mothandrosetattoo • •Online Shop:•

I want to thank you all for this amazing year! It was a blast! Huge thanks to my awesome clients, I love you guys! A big thank you to @unclejeremy and @sullenclothing for everything, one love brother! Thanks to @skindeep_uk for my amazing interview. Thanks to all the pages that share my work @traditionalartist @rad_trad_tattoo @radtattoos @skinart_traditional @traditionalkings @tattoosnob @thebesttattooartists @d_world_of_ink @neotraditionaleurope @neotraditionalworldwide @inkedmag @_traditional_tattoos and many more I forget now! Thanks to my sponsors @hmtattoomachines @killerinktattoo for providing me the best equipment! The biggest thank you to my crew @manu_tattoos @evi_mothandrose ! Especially to my lovely wife @evi_mothandrose who is the mastermind behind my success! Happy new year to everyone!!! ❤️
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