Christopher Koontz

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4th of July 2018 PC: @meganbiacsi
Pretty great weekend. Congratulations @gabecruz12 and @aunnaleaa. Love ya guys!
3 mile hike, 1200 ft elevation gain, 45 pound vest, it was tough. And yeah I look like a dork. #saturdaysarefortheboys #brothers
Great time with the family this weekend, can't wait to see you guys again! Love you!
First day back in the gym. This will be my last post regarding Route 91, there's no question a part of me died out there on that asphalt where those innocent people took their final breaths. It will bother me for the rest of my life, the people I couldn't do anything for, the helplessness. But, "The shark who does not swim, drowns.", I'll let you figure out what that means. Thank you for reading this.
We just got shot up out here y'all #route91harvest
Last day 😒 it was too much fun #route91harvest
Route 91 day 2 done. So much fun seeing Sam Hunt, Maren Morris, and Brett Young. #route91harvest #3dayneonsleepover
Gordon Ramsay restraunt!
Day 1 of Route 91 over, it was super fun #route91harvest
#chestday STILL GOT CHICKEN LEGS THO 😭😭 #worldgymhd
Got my hat today so stoked on that!! And it's chest day but swear everybody at the gym was doing chest wtf.. #chestday #bmfit