Chloe Bennet

A short film: Pearl and the berry.
Girly shit last night you guys. 🦄
ya know?
Happiest of birthdays to my baby brother linkybear. You make me so proud I could die. YOURE THE MOST IMPRESSIVE HUMAN IVE EVER MET IM SERIOUS. I Love you so much Lincoln. @lincolnjwang 💚💚💚
Only two days of reckless dairy/wine consumption could make me smile this big.
I really louvre the louvre, it’s louvrely. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🙏🏻🙏🏻 (Anddddd that is what we call a triple pun, it’s the kind of brilliant and nuanced content you can only get here folks)
Do you wanna go do karate in the garage?
Lassssstttt post, did you guys know that @crazyrichasians is the first Hollywood studio film in 25 years to be centered on an Asian-American character’s story? This movie almost didn’t get made because Hollywood felt there wasn’t a well enough known male actor to take on the lead role. Thankfully it did, because this movie is funny and crazy and heartfelt; a story that needed to be brought to life on screen, with themes and relationships that anyone, of any race, can relate to. Also, again it’s fuckin funnnyy y’all. If you can please go see it in theatres (premieres August 15th). If we want to see Hollywood take more risks on telling diverse stories, we HAVE support these projects, not just on social media but with our wallets. Go see it! @constancewu and @awkwafina are absolute gold. #crazyrichasians ✨✨✨✨
Golden glam by @kiranasrat & @matthewstylist ✨🦖
Crazy Rich Asians premiere ✨- wearing two of my favorite asian designers @tadashishoji & @graceleedesigns
Happy day of birth to my ride or die. We made those Chicago winters our bitchhhhh. I love you stevieweavie. @stephen_bw11
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