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#Chef // Owner of @Deuxave , @bostonchops , @bostonchopsdowntown , & @dbarboston Restaurants • 2013 Forbes 30 Under 30 • #Food Is Wonderful!!! • 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Prime Beef Tenderloin, Perigord Truffles, Crosnes, Wild Mushroom Bread, Essence of French Onion Soup, Comte
Seared Foie Gras, Ancient Grains, Seckel Pear, Citrus & Pomegranate. #deuxave @chefadriennewright
Colorado Lamb Trio; Pistachio Crusted Rack, Braised Shoulder Encased in Brussels Leaves, & Merguez Sausage, Beets, Carrots, White Beans, Harissa. #deuxave @chefadriennewright
🐟Sea Bass, Scituate Lobster🦞, Calabrian Chili Fettuccini, Fennel, Artichoke Caponata. #deuxave @chefadriennewright
New Year’s Resolution: Eat More Meat.
BIG Congrats to @chefadriennewright on winning restaurant wars with her team last night on @bravotopchef , of course, we have been playing restaurant wars together for a very long time, but sometimes I get fed while holding a giant truffle. 🤗🤗🤗 #topchef
Yeah, it’s really sticky! 😍#stickytoffeepudding @bostonchopsdowntown
Kicking off 2019 with a BANG! Bay Scallop Crudo, Wakame, Ikura, Satsuma Tangerine, Rice Chips, Togarashi, Shiso. @chefadriennewright #deuxave
Last post of 2018! Thank you all for the likes, comments, and support! It was a hell of a year! Looking forward to many tasty things in 2019. If you would like to ring in the new year with us at @bostonchopsdowntown @bostonchops @deuxave or @dbarboston we would be honored! Just mention this post when you make your reservation, and get a special extra treat from me! Pictured above: Niman Ranch Prime N.Y. Strip, Mushroom Gratin, Romanesco, Truffle Purée, Black Trumpet Chip, Bordelaise. #deuxave @kishen_sj @chefadriennewright 📸@andy_ryan_food
Maple Apple Tart, Maple Cremèux, Apple Tatin, Caramelia Ganache, Spiced Rum Ice Cream. #deuxave @lyssapiazza 📸@andy_ryan_food
Local Scallops, Roasted Parsnip, Black Quinoa Salad Citrus, Chorizo, Parsnip & Anise Purée. @kishen_sj #deuxave 📸@andy_ryan_food
Fresh Pasta, Alba White Truffles, Butter. 😍 #deuxave
Crème Brûlée, Meyer Lemon Curd, Concord Grape Sorbet, Marcona Almond. #deuxave @lyssapiazza 📸@andy_ryan_food
Spiced Long Island Duck Breast, Roasted Sunchokes, Baby Leek & Celery Root Hash, Thyme & Leek Purèe, Jus. @kishen_sj 📸@andy_ryan_food #deuxave
Some people call me CHEESY, but that’s just how we spätzle. #deuxave
Words can only begin to express how proud I am of my best friend @chefadriennewright . As a dynamic duo we have learned so much together over the past 7 years. We have cooked in many places, and made lots of people happy. Thursday night on @bravotopchef at 9pm, Adrienne will begin to share her talents and her amazing personality with a global audience. I couldn’t possibly be more proud of her! To the next chapter we go!!! #topchef
Since the holiday season is officially upon us, Check our these CroquemBouche that @chefadriennewright & I made with @hphood perfect for any holiday gathering, of you are patient enough to make it! 📸@bostonfoodjournal & @bostonfoodies
Does your thanksgiving table look like this? We would love to cook for you @bostonchops or @bostonchopsdowntown or (@deuxave is sold out till next year) @staub_usa
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