Illtud Llyr Dunsford

Agri-Food Consultant. Charcutier. Food R&D. New Product Development. Biotech Co-Founder. Talker. Teacher. Food futurist.

All talked out. 5hrs + of discussing sustainable food systems, thoughts on rewilding, urban farming, and our conceptual food futures. A privilege to be involved with @somethingandson for today’s event at @tateexchange. Homeward bound.
Come find me. From 12. The Manuals.
All the good things. Feet are broken from walking miles today. Introduced @mrskatiedunsford to Borough and Spa Terminus. Lunched at 40 Maltby. Traipsed the Imperial War Museum. Braved the tourists of Covent Garden. Picnic for supper.
What a view to wake up to. Our fourth stay in @theacornshepherdshut. Tattinger and chips in bed for #valentines . We’re so rock ‘n’ roll.
Yesterday was wonderful. Stood in the biting cold atop Hay Bluff with @mrskatiedunsford watching the sunset. #happyvalentinesday
Moments before I was bludgeoned to death by @mrskatiedunsford (insta from beyond).
Interesting Tenby fact.
What have I done to deserve this @mrskatiedunsford ?
Who would have thought that ‘The Island’ had its own answer to #GreyGardens
Another day. Another walk. Another beach.
Country walk scenery.
Cold. Windy. Atmospheric. @mrskatiedunsford didn’t appreciate me smashing snowballs in her chops.
I have been known to sit on the sofa watching videos of @richardbertinet kneading dough in one of his classes. @mrskatiedunsford usually remarks “are you watching your bread porn again?”. Best possible start to my day.
Another day of ‘cool science shit’ with @mariannejellis and co.
Lovely bit of concrete on today’s walk.
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