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Oct 3 we are doing the world premiere and Comic Con opening day Screening of VENOM IN NYC !! How can u get VIP seats ??! You must first follow @djdannynunez  repost this video and comment when done winners will be picked monday!!! #venom  #venommovie  #marvel
Theory: Captain Marvel and Ant-Man are connected to the Quantum Realm in some way. The blast she took looks similar to the same blast that happened to Ghost in Ant-Man and the Wasp. The post credit scene for AMATW, was Scott Lang surviving the snap while being stuck in the Quantum Realm. Janet Van Dyne was exposed to the Quantum Realm which gave her Quantum Particle Manipulation. Since the Quantum Realm is within the universe wouldn't it make sense that it's Energy based which leads to Kree bio-genetic scientist wanting to experiment on Carol Danvers?
Will Binary be an benefactor in Avengers 4? 🤔
Could the Quantum Realm be a factor in #CaptainMarvel 's powers? 🤔
The classic helmet looks awesome!
New HD stills from the #Shazam movie
First and Last #JusticeLeague movie
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