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Some friends gave us some pet stairs recently, so I decided to try it out with Scooter. Here are the main takeaways: - 1. Scooter's nails need trimming (already done) - 2. Scooter's legs are moving erratically because she's about to poop. That's where we're heading at the very end of the video, and also why I keep looking at her butt LOL - 3. Stairs probably aren't the best idea for Scooter, and she would do better with a true ramp. These aren't too bad though, since they're not very steep steps, and they're soft. I'm already modifying it to suit her needs. - 4. Scooter is a ramp champ . . From: @scoot.butt
Swipe left and watch the video at the end 😍❤🙏🏼 . Repost By #yazminluv_ . A mosque for cats? Imam opens his mosque up for the stray felines of Istanbul One cat liked the mosque so much, she brought her kittens in one-by-one, by the scruffs of their necks Istanbul is famed for the stray cats which prowl its streets and crouch in its corners. This is to such a great extent that the city has come to be known by some as 'Catstantinople'. While they may be pleasant to look at, the cats don't always have a saucer of food and a warm place to sleep. A kind Imam has decided to remedy this by opening up his mosque to the stray cats and kittens, so they can eat and safely rest their heads away from the perils of the outdoors. Imam Mustafa Efe calls the cats "guests" of the mosque, and they've made themselves quite at home. They sit down on the plush carpets as worshippers pray around them, and one cat likes it there so much, she decided to raise her kittens in the building. She took her kittens, one by one, into the building and surprised the Imam during a sermon. He said on Facebook: "The kitty has found the heart of compassion and mercy." Visitors to the mosque seem quite taken by the furry creatures. Although they may disturb the peace of worship, the human attendees don't seem to mind. Some even visit the mosque especially to visit its furry inhabitants. Imam Mustafa Efe began letting the cats take shelter in the winter of 2015, and his tale of kindness has spread across the globe. @hafizmustafaefe 🙏🏼💕🍃
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