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Cat in new catventures. #MyColorfulPortraits V.25 (already? 😱)
I woke up early, had a long walk by the beach, took around 350 pictures in 1 hour, watched for about 20 mins a lady fishing 🎣, focused on the city’s lazy morning sounds, witnessed people wishing “good morning” to each other and smiling... Gotta love small cities’ early mornings ❤️ #NafplioLoving
Meet my hideaway. #EviaLoving
#tb to the day I fell in love again with #Nafplio . ❤️ #NafplioLoving
International Cat day they say and here’s one of the cats I met this summer. I met cats that walked under my chair barely touching my legs with their tails that made me jump off my chair and scream and embarrass myself. I met cats who attacked my brand new drone (I think I have a video of this moment, remind me to look for it). I met cats who made me have a fight with my mom, as I was secretly sharing with them the -very-fresh-therefore-very-expensive-fish they were eating. Long story short I met cats that made me temporarily upset, but this one in particular made me furious! Swipe left and see the view this cat had. And now explain to me why she kept having her eyes shut. 😤 I just don’t like cats that take for granted views like this. K? Anyway happy international cat day blah blah blah whatever. 🙄 #Cat ’sNotACatsPerson #Clearly
You are my blue crayon, the one I never have enough of, the one I used to color my sea. #EviaLoving #Lichadonisia
Next time I walk out like this, someone take the time and tell me that I look like an oversized Japanese lady! Thanks a lot! ✋🏻 #MyColorfulPortraits V.24
Three of my favorite people in the world can be found in the picture above 👆🏻 #Bestie #Mommy #Goddaughter #Loving
Wishing the happiest birthday to one of the most beautiful flowers of my team’s garden: @joycelizabethomas ❤️ I’ve seen you blossom from an intern to an excellent professional and I can’t wait to see you spread your colors and scent with the world! #ProudDigitalMama
I found a pony that got over the ponytail hairstyle and went for fringes. Trendsetter or anarchist? #EviaLoving
The new Instagram era has made me a bit cautious when it comes to the word “influencer”. Countless Barbie-looking make-up artists influence on a daily basis young girls on which mascara they should buy. Numerous food bloggers “turned their passion into business” (that’s the part they’ll say out loud) simply by subscribing to a couple of Instagram likes generator applications (that’s the part they’ll NEVER say out loud). Hundreds of Fashion Influencers would sell their souls just to hold the new “It” back and be among the first 246 fashion bloggers who would post on Instagram about it. I’m not against Influencers. They have found the space to call themselves Influencers, just because some people don’t have the power to go pick a mascara themselves and take the risk of having to live for the next few weeks with not-so-long / not-so-volumed eyelashes 😱😱 Anyway. I was chosen to be the “influencer in the limelight” for the March/April issue of Health Magazine and I haven’t shared it with anyone so far just because I felt the title “influencer” is something that doesn’t resonate with me. Reading this interview after months, the part where I share the story of me using @DubaiLoving to find a spare guitar for a security guy who couldn’t afford one made me realize that -DUDE. I influenced someone’s life. I asked my followers if they had a spare guitar. I explained with trembling voice (yes I was nervous 🙈) why I needed one, a kind person sent the security guy one and years later the teacher who had requested it in the first place sent me a FB message saying: “I just wanted to share with you, Remember the guy your helped me get a guitar for... Well he has performed twice at the school events I organize. He has a personal relationship with students and teachers because of this. He is now trying to get an electric guitar and amplifier for next years show. The kids call him their friend, teacher and mentor”. The 3 of us (the teacher who shared the request on her FB page, the guitar owner and me) influenced someone’s life. You can call me a Co-Influencer. I just happened to have a bigger audience for my voice to be heard. And I couldn’t be more thankful 🙏🏻
Under my umbrellas... 🚣‍♀️ #EviaLoving
What a big heart I have The better to love you with Little Red Riding Hood Even bad wolves can be good. #AthensLoving
🌻 I find this flower to be the epitome of positivity. Sunflowers look at the bright side by default. Be a sunflower 🌻 #EviaLoving
Casually chilling among the clouds #AtTheTopOfBurjKhalifa ! No I’m not back yet. Just had a minor #DubaiLoving crisis 🙈❤️ 📷: @prince_majid10
#MyColorfulPortraits V.22 (already? 😳)
Water under the bridge? #ChalkidaLoving
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