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Good evening hope it was a productive weekend filled with lots of memories ☺️. Now to reveal the doors ? Door 1 This is all about your future. Excitement is around you, as you have new ideas and plans. I can see you rubbing your hands as you place this altogether. You’ve worked hard to clear the past. You have been on a roller coast ride but, you’ve come through. Your committed to making the necessary changes, I also see abundance attached to this. As your paying off debts. I also see the word success. Door 2 This is about your past. I’m feel your mind and past feelings can hold you back in so many ways. Time to detox those thought patterns there renting space. Stopping you from enjoy the present moment. Time to get out of the house connect with family and friends. Force yourself to move around more. You would definitely benefit from yoga or sports of some kind. Door 3 This is about you now Present I feel your content. I see the struggles, I also see the masks attached to you. Sometimes it feels like your putting a show on. A front or a brave face. Your a sensitive soul and you evolving and learning to stand your ground, on your conditions. Some people around you may object. Remember this is your journey. Meditation is very beneficial to gather your thoughts. Angel blessings Carm 😘😘😘😇😇
My favourite place the beach, time to recharge my energy today. As I find a spot a feather is right next to me 😍 I love Angels they come just when you need them. Something that’s very important is self love. Do you have this? Or have you put it aside for people and situations? Time to bring the balance back. It starts with you what are you doing today for self love? Beach, coffee, shopping, massage?? Comment below love to hear 😘😘. Sending Angel blessings 😘😘😘😇🙏
Here is a message for you today BEGIN NOTHING HAPPENS WITHOUT TAKING THE FIRST STEP. Whether this is diet, relationships, work or yourself. Take the step to make the changes for YOU 😍. Can I get a Yes from you ? Comment below Angel blessings Carm 😘😘😇🙏
Good morning Happy Friday 😘 Which door are you drawn to ??? 1,2,3 ? Please comment below. Messages Revealed SUNDAY NIGHT. Have a great weekend. Angel blessings Carm 😘😘😘🙏😇
Good evening thanks for your patience have been busy doing some healing 😘 Messages Revealed A The Wise Women of Wonderland integrity, compromise. There is a shift in your energy, feel like it’s a time to clear out some old things that are holding you back. You don’t suffer fools very well. Your wanting to gain more balance in your life, as you try and weigh the scales up. Feels like you’ve had to sacrifice and compromise on a few things. This does feel temporary. Your mind does like to drift off. I also see the word hardships and struggles, feel things will get better for you when you focus more on your goal. B Two of Air Being unable or unwilling to make a decision. A stalemate. Pretending there is no problem. Sometimes you can get lost in the problems. Time to find the solution and trust. Anyone spiritual you are going through an awakening. Your energy is shifting to the next level. I’m seeing your healing hands. Blockages feel temporary. Simply make a decision, follow through with action. Perhaps you have regrets. That’s fine these are lessons. Angel blessings Carm 😘😘😘😇🙏
Good morning Happy Thursday Sending you lots of love and light today 😘 Which card is calling your name ? A or B ?? Comment below. Messages Revealed later Tonight. Angel Blessings Carm 😘😘😘🙏😇
Afternoon thanks so much for waiting 😘. Here are your messages Wings Harmony In what areas of your life do you need to bring Harmony? Is it relationships, work, family or friends? Today the Angels would like you to spend time focusing on all the positive things happening in your life. Choices need to be made, but most importantly your attitude to outcomes and how you want your life to be. Harmony has been a struggle. With my balance and focus you will achieve this. Stop second guessing your decisions. Make a choice and trust, that everything is going to work out. If you have any conflict this will now disappear as, you can see the situation clearly. Sword The Miracle of Nature Thank you Angels for helping me to reconnect through nature and fresh air. Time to ground yourself with nature. Sometimes you Day dream a lot to escape the realities that hold you Earth bound. While it’s great to disappear you still need to deal with any addictions or problems. Ask yourself what am I to learn from this? The answers come when your mind is quite. Too much going on in that busy mind. Angel blessings Carm 😘😘🙏😇
Good morning Happy Wednesday 😘 Time to see what messages are here for you today ?? Please choose a card Wings or Sword ?? Comment below remember to share the love. Messages revealed this afternoon. Make the choice to be HAPPY 😘. Angel blessings Carm 😘😘
Good evening hope today was a positive experience 😘 So let’s see what messages do you need to hear? Card 1 I Can Have Money and Fredom, too... A feeling of being overwhelmed is your indicator that you are denying yourself access to all manner of cooperation that could assist you if you were not disallowing it. As you begin to feel freer regarding the expenditure of time and money, doors will open, people will come to assist you, refreshing and productive ideas will occur to you, and circumstances and events will unfold. As you change the way you feel, you access the Energy that creates worlds. It is there for your ready access at all times. Your feeling limited with money, or there is stress around this. How can I make more? Trust is something you keep forgetting. Be grateful for what you have and watch as this expands to bring you abundance. For some of you this has been an ongoing waiting game. Don’t give up. Card 2 Determination What has stopped you in your tracks? You have determination and strength to get through this period of struggle. Sometimes extra energy and strategy’s need to be put in place. What does your heart desire? What are your dreams and goals? Get that fire in your belly. Push through any negative people and obstacles. Your born to succeed not to be defeated. This is a temporary hiccup which you will push through say “I am an unstoppable being of love and determination “ Angel blessings Carm 😘😘🙏😇
Good morning hope today brings lots of positive experiences ☺️ Time to choose a card that your drawn to, so I can deliver the Angel messages. Is it 1 or 2 ?? Leave a comment below. Messages Revealed tonight 😘 Angel blessings Carm 😘😘😘🙏😇
1/2 hour readings on the phone or in person$50. I have some availability this week message me 😘😘
Good evening hope you had a fantastic weekend. How gorgeous are these pics ? Okay messages Revealed 1 Bird Time to spread those wings and fly. No more holding back onto doubt and what if? Everything you do is a risk it’s a lesson or a blessing. Time to escape the heartache and take a step forward. This is the perfect time to manifest your dreams, hopes and desires. No one is judging you except you. Surround yourself with white light and breathe into that beautiful energy. You are loved and safe. 2 Cat You love affection your also very proud of who you’ve become. Family and relationships are important to you. You love giving. I see children around you, feel that you influence them in a positive way. I also hear the word setbacks, time to rest that body. I feel you get exhausted easily, just by thinking about things and not actually doing them. List your priorities. Then ask for help. Angels are here to help the heavy burdens that sometimes consume you. Become fearless. Time to experience Harmony do something for you. 3 Dog Who’s approval are you seeking? Sometimes you feel that your not enough. Who’s lead you to think this way perhaps it’s past relationships or family. Spirit wants to remind you, that the star shines within you. Nothing your going through is chance. Exercise I see yoga but also boxing. Choose to quieten your mind. Connect with the universe as they open doors of opportunities. Don’t allow Energy vampires to take your self worth and belief. You have the ability to change the outcome for the future. Angel blessings Carm 😘😘😘🙏😇
Soul Rebalancing Session are very popular. For anyone who needs healing I highly recommend this session. Has amazing results 😍. Time to invest in you😘 Each month we connect and I assist you to move forward in your life. Achieving your goals and addressing your fears Time to love yourself and watch yourself grow 😘😘. Now taking more bookings. Angel blessings Carm 😘😘
Commando Carm hitting the gym before a beautiful day of healing. Sending love and light😍 let’s start Positive Friday tell me one positive thing about your life. I will start I’m positive about the future. 😘😘
Good morning Happy Friday 😘 Today I would love you to choose which animal you are drawn to ? 1, 2 or 3 ?? Simply comment below. Have a restful weekend. Come back SUNDAY to find out what your messages mean. Angel blessings Carm 😘😘😘😇🙏
Just blending some oils now 😍. Love the energy attached! These are Blessed with Angels energy very high in vibration. Purchase 3 oils for $75 and receive your 4 th one free 😉. Or $25 each I can send them to you allow between $10-$12 extra postage ( Australia). Now taking orders which one would you love ????
Good evening thanks for waiting 😘 here are your messages. Yellow Gut Instincts - intuition, knowing, sensing, trust. Time to lean on your gut instinct they are your inner radar, giving you warning signs of where to go. You can imagine your gut instincts like red flags and green flags. When you have decisions you need to make. Ask guidance of the universe for a sign to go ahead. You simply ask a question and ask them to show you which flag. Red is caution not to do it and green it to let you know this is safe to do. Once you trust more the decisions become so much more easier. Your energy also needs rest today. Time to check into your soul and recharge. Red Forgiveness Time to free your soul from all the pain and hurt. Try and close those doors of the past of any sorrow and hurt. Sometimes emotional baggage can make you feel withdrawn and even sick. Let go of the negative energy that has absorbed you. Letting go of hurt and resentment or their wise this will manifest poor health. Time to accept the lessons grow and move on. Angels of forgiveness are here simply say “ I’m ready to let go of all hurt, caused by people I love, I forgive them and wish to move on” Angel blessings Carm 😘😘😘😇🙏
Good morning hope your keeping nice and warm☺️ be gentle with yourself as your body may be craving rest. Angel messages which card is for you today ? Yellow or red? Messages revealed tonight. Simply comment below. Angel blessings Carm 😘😘😘😇🙏💖
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