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A city in the desert. A culture of possibility. A network of dreamers and doers. To submit photos for consideration, email: instagram@burningman.org.

We have changed, yes. We are changing, and the theme, Metamorphoses, speaks to that. And this Man Pavilion also opened the door for change. Link in bio #burningman #brc #theman #thankslarry
In 2017, we launched Project Citizenship, a cross-departmental effort to address some problematic behavioral trends in Black Rock City and to emphasize the importance of participation. The overarching theme is to instill a sense of citizenship in Black Rock City participants and Burners worldwide, and to inspire them to espouse our ideals in their own communities. These are just a few of the things we’re doing through Project Citizenship, and we look forward to stepping up our efforts for 2019 and beyond. Our focus areas for this year are Exclusivity/Radical Inclusion, Decommodification and the commercial exploitation of Burning Man art & culture, and Greening Your Burn (focusing on environmental responsibility and camp innovations). Link to more info in bio. #burningman #brc #projectcitizenship #10principles #civicresponsibility #leavingnotrace #participation #immediacy #decommodification
We’re excited to announce that we will host our sixth annual Burning Man European Leadership Summit (ELS) in beautiful Aarhus, Denmark from April 11 to 14, 2019! The Global Network team has been working with the Aarhus, Copenhagen, and greater Nordic Regional Groups to create an inspiring and memorable gathering. (Link to more info in bio.) #burningmanglobalnetwork #burningman #regionals
Happy Birthday to our founder and original instigator, Larry Harvey. We miss you, Larry. | Photos by Maggie Hallahan, Stewart Harvey, and Jack Haye | #burningman #brc #blackrockcity #tenprinciples #thankslarry
Burning Man Project is pleased to share that the Smithsonian’s “#NoSpectators ” exhibition of Burning Man art and culture will be traveling to not one but two new locations in 2019: the Cincinnati Art Museum and the Oakland Museum of California. The exhibition in Cincinnati will open in two phases, the first on April 26 and the second (with additional art) on June 7. Both phases will close September 2. The exhibition in Oakland will open October 12 and will close February 16, 2020. 1) Truth is Beauty by Marco Cochrane and Julia Whitelaw casting shadows at the Renwick Museum (Photo by Manuel Pinto) 2) Hybycozo by Serge Beaulieu & Yelena Filipchuk (Photo by Manuel Pinto) 3) Tin Pan Dragon by Duane Flatmo (Photo by Eleanor Preger)
Shout out to the Burners who build art for our city! If you have images of you or your friends building art or your theme camp, please send them our way! 1) Desert Guard by Ming Lu and the Beijing Burner Club | Photo by Philip Safarik 2) Galaxia by Arthur Mamou-Mani | Photo by Philip Safarik 3) The Monument of Indecision by Henry Washer | Photo by Philip Safarik 4) The Pier by Matthew Schultz and The Pier Group | Photo by Gary Geer #burningman #brc #blackrockcity #participation #communaleffort #radicalselfexpression #thankslarry
Happy New Year! Thank YOU for making Black Rock City and the global Burning Man community everything that it is. The Man burns in 243 days! | Photo by @photographybyleori | #burningman #brc #blackrockcity #participation #radicalselfexpression #communaleffort #thankslarry
Your 2019 Temple: “The Temple of Direction” by Geordie Van Der Bosch. Katie Hazard writes: “The Temple of Direction is a linear space, capturing the elegance and austerity of the torii gates at Fushimi Inari Shrine in Japan, where the artist previously lived. The linear lines form a passage that expands into a large hall, eliciting both a physical experience and a metaphysical journey. It’s a space that responds to the openness of the playa by creating a framework that encourages you to travel from end to end.” Read more in the Burning Man Journal! | Renderings from Geordie Van Der Bosch | #burningman #brc #blackrockcity #temple2019 #temple #radicalselfexpression #participation #thankslarry
Good luck with that! | Photos by Jason Skinner, Bill Klemens, and Bruce McCulley | #burningman #brc #blackrockcity #leavingnotrace #radicalselfexpression #thankslarry
In partnership with the @environmental_defense_fund and #BlackRockLabs , Jane Chu was Burning Man Project's 2018 Fly Ranch Energy Fellow. She is also an EDF Climate Corps Fellow. Over the summer, she helped the Fly Ranch team begin to understand the solar, wind, and geothermal renewable energy potential of the property. @fly_ranch is Burning Man Project's 3,800-acre property in Northern Nevada, just a few miles away from where the annual Burning Man event is held. It was purchased in 2016, thanks entirely to the generosity of donors who wanted to help support the next chapter of Burning Man’s evolution. We hope Fly Ranch will become a platform for innovation and creativity. For more information and the full video, head to our Facebook page. | Video Credits: Producer/Creative Director Nicole Possin, Director of Photography Terry Pratt, Editor Stefan Eric Spins | #burningman #blackrockcity #brc #flyranch #edf #environmentaldefensefund #civicresponsibility #communaleffort #leavingnotrace #renewableenergy #thankslarry
Beautiful shots from The Artumnal Gathering in San Francisco, our annual dinner and auction celebrating the art, artists, and communities of the global Burning Man culture. Thank you to everyone who helped make this special event happen, and to the #blackrockrollerdisco & @airpushercollective teams for hosting two extraordinary Artumnal events (roller skating during the day, and afterparty at night)! Check out our Facebook page for the full album. | Photos by @chuck_revell | #burningman #brc #artumnal #blackrockcity #radicalselfexpression #participation #thankslarry
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