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Don’t overthink your happiness.
Squeezing your arms through a sports bra should be considered an entire workout.
For some, bad tipping is a turn-off on a date. Unless you’re being discriminated against, it’s important to always tip fairly – especially in countries where tips are primary sources of income. (via @Feminist )
No room for dead weight or toxicity on this train ✌️
🔮This year's forecast includes more matches than the number of likes that picture of the egg received. We feel it.
We all deserve to have honest conversations.
Ask if they want to be folded into thirds on the first date, it might be cute! @mariekondo any tips?
Who’s your good decision buddy?
“DAMN GIRL, your brain is SEXY” usually works. (via @overheardbumble )
✨💖Not settling 2019 💞⚡Thank you for allowing this to exist so we could watch it 13 times in a row ❗️ @donte.colley #youareworthit
You aren’t crazy for not wanting to be in something that isn’t right for you. You aren’t crazy for not wanting to be controlled. No one should want to control you.
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