Bubba is 9 years old. He is deaf since birth but it never stops him from having fun! Use code BubbaB for 20% off on @packleashes

It's cold, baby 🌨️❄️🌬️
Total diva 😍🤭
Pampered 🤭
Everybody is bored 😅
He thinks he is still a little puppy 😊
Not giving his blanket back 😅
Hey there 🙂
Bubba as a puppy ❤️
Sleepy good morning!
Portrait of Bubba, I've painted some time ago 🙂
Last bits of sunshine.
Good morning!
Walk with this cute, bright booty 😉
Hello pretty 👋
Sweet, sweet melancholy
He looks like he's just finished watching Brokeback Mountain or Nocturnal Animals or Requiem For a Dream 😉
Fascinated by the technology
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