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A charity organization Aimed at Empowering & Awakening the youths from poverty�

Our project aimed at helping members of city criminal gangs has kicked off in Busunju on Hoima Road. The foundation will put up a Rehabilitation centre and a workshop for the groups to acquire technical skills. After going through the reform process, each individual will be given start up capital #BryanWhiteFoundation
Off to Busunju to start on our project of help the street Criminal Gangs start a new life of being responsible citizens. They will go through a rehabilitation process and thereafter help them acquire technical skills as well as giving them start up capital at the end of the whole process.. #BryanWhiteFoundation
Preparations for our project of rehabilitating the Criminal gang members has kicked off in Busunju on Hoima Road. We are setting up a centre to rehabilitate and reform former gang members into responsible citizens. Our aim is to see reduction in such crimes, we want to see people move slowly in towns. These guys will get technical skills and after a certain period of time, we shall offer the start up capital.. #BryanWhiteFoundation
After hearing the message from our boss Founder Bryan White, the Kibunomu group approached the Bryan white foundation last year to seek guidance on how to do away with Criminal Gang Life. Today members gave out testimonies in front of Bryan White on how far they have gone with rehabilitation process. They interacted with Bryan White as he continued giving them inspiration talk. On the same occasion, our boss announced that he has stopped any assistance towards individuals or groups that haven’t been involved in any criminal related activities. “Our emphasis starting this year will be on criminal gang groups that are involved in city crimes,” he said.
Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today. I am fired up for 2019 #BryanWhiteFoundation
May your days be more awesome and brighter, With family and friends lift a toast with round the Christmas tree. May your Christmas be as joyous as it can ever be, as we continue to work and build our Nation 🇺🇬 in Peace and harmony. God bless you with a festive, loving and peaceful celebration this Christmas and all throughout the year 2019 #BryanWhiteFoundation
Our team has taken part in an agricultural training today at Kawanda research station. This research centre started in 1935 and is open to the public. Kawanda has many departments, among them there is food bio science, social science department, Banana’s department to mention but a few. Our foundation members spent the day getting hands on training, on Banana Plantation. At Kawanda they have to varieties of plantation; Local variety and Hybrid variety which are re-categorized below. Food (Mbwazirume , Katwalo, Kibuzi, Nakatembe etc), Yellow Bananas (Ndizee, Bogoya, Kivuvu), Roasting (Gonja), Brewing Type (Kisubi, Mbidde). Training at Kawanda is open to the public, as a foundation we looking on awakening the youth from Poverty putting a lot of emphasis on Agriculture. #BryanWhiteFoundation
We are glad to see that some people do appreciate our CEO'S selfless acts, this is one of the reasons why we keep going on and doing what we do #BryanWhiteFoundation
As we mourn the loss of our beloved brothers and sisters who died on Saturday in a boat accident in Lake Victoria, I went back to Mutima Island this morning to meet the family of one hero Bosco Owecho who saved many and eventually lost his life as he tried to save more. I have offered a little support to the family and i will continue providing necessary support to them. I have advised the wife of the deceased to come up with a business idea of her choice which I promise to fund so that the family can sustain itself. I pray for the soul of Fallen Hero “Bosco Owecho” to rest in eternal peace. #BryanWhiteFoundation
Today morning, Our CEO met the family of our brother who lost his life in the struggle of rescuing our fellow brothers and sisters from boat that capsized on lake Victoria . This young man had a family of five that included three children, his wife and the wife’s mother. He will be meeting with the rest of the family today to see how we can help and empower them. RIP to the fallen Hero #BryanWhiteFoundation
Thank you Uganda Police Force for appreciating our effort #BryanWhiteFoundation
Collective effort at Mutima Island as the search for more bodies continues as well as pulling the wreckage from water #BryanWhiteFoundation
As Bryan White Foundation, we continue to give a helping hand at Mutima Island in the aftermath of Saturday’s boat disaster. We shall continue to give whatever help we can until the end of the search #BryanWhiteFoundation
The World will be a better place if we come together amidst our differences, to work together for a good cause #bryanwhitefoundation
On Saturday evening, tragedy befell our brothers and sisters who had gone to have fun on a boat cruise. There is an ongoing initiative to try and recover the bodies of our fallen brethren and I also weighed in to offer both moral and financial support to help in whichever way I can. #BryanWhiteFoundation
Set your goals high, and don't stop till you get there. #BryanWhiteFoundation
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