Bryan White Foundation

A charity organization Aimed at Empowering & Awakening the youths from poverty�

The CEO #BryanWhite was rewarded with these lovely gifts on Saturday by a group of youths he helped. He said it was an honor for him to receive such gifts #BryanWhiteFoundationBusunjuRehabilitationCentre
The CEO #BryanWhite today met some members from ‘Unruly Gang’ at #BryanWhiteFoundationBusunjuRehabilitationCentre
Youths already benefiting from #BryanWhiteFoundationBusunjuRehabilitationCentre2019 . Some of them are acquiring skills in videography and photography
Today DPCs from Kabalagala, Kira Road, Old Kampala and CPS paid a visit to #BryanWhiteFoundationBusunjuRehabilitationCentreProject and were happy about the work being done. “This was long overdue, it will help curbing rampant crime rate in Urban centres,” DPCs said.
Tamale Mirundi has paid tribute to @bryanwhitefoundation for doing a great job in the ongoing #BryanWhiteFoundationBusunjuRehabilitationCentreProject
Today we hosted senior journalist #TamaleMirundi at the ongoing #BryanWhiteFoundationBusunjuProject2019 . Tamale commended Bryan White for the good job he is doing. He described it as a big project
Today the CEO #BryanWhiteFoundation received an early morning gift of a big cock from a young girl in Busunju. He said he was honored to receive such a lovely gift #BryanWhiteFoundationBusunjuRehabilitationCentre
Entertainers #GravityOmutujju #BigEye #KingMichael paid us a visit to check ongoing construction works of #BusunjuRehabilitationCentre #BryanWhiteFoundation
Step by step, day by day. We shall in the end be there and a legacy will have been created #BryanWhiteFoundationBusunjuRehabilitationCentre
Even at night, we work. Site clearing at Busunju #BryanWhiteFoundationBusunjuRehabilitationProject
Constructing the first of its kind in Uganda with a Rehabilitation Centre, Technical School and Demonstration Farm #BryanWhiteFoundation
Moving in the right direction and towards changing the lives of Criminal Gangs members #BryanWhiteFoundation
The darkness can’t even stop us, work has to continue #BryanWhiteFoundationBusunjuProject
Trucks ferry soil from our ongoing #BusunjuProject works
Ongoing Busunju Project works #BryanWhiteFoundation
Early morning inspection for more land for our #Busunju Project which will have a Rehabilitation Centre, Technical School and Demonstration Farm #BryanWhiteFoundation
Our chief #BryanWhite inspecting #BusunjuProject works today
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