I'm a friendly fluffball adopted from Seattle Persian and Himalayan Rescue. I had a rough start to life, but am spoiled and living it up now!

When belly rubs are imminent
Dad's been on an organization kick - which means Brimley's been on a new hiding spot kick!
When 8am is the agreed-upon breakfast time, and it's 8:02.
Sundays are for siestas!
I'm off to see the wizard - the wizard of trimming my nails! @alexthecatgroomer (Bonus pic of me being a perfect angel)
Feel the beat Friday!
You really just going to scroll past without booping the snoot?
Yes this is very comfortable thank you.
When I find my thermal mat
When dad's in the kitchen
I'm perched on the subwoofer, time for some tunes?
Saturday scritches!
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