print pad or be sad

Had these guys for like a month. Just now posting because I'm lazy. Horse I've had for more than a year I just realized, wow. Civil war moc coming probably February.
Wow. What great but horrible year. Ok, so this year was really cool because I met/talked with some swag people (some tagged). Another reason why it was cool was because I majorly improved in building (not much to prove but trust me). Also, I displayed two (bad) Moc's at BW this year, and "hung out" wit epic person's. In all it was a great year and my page grew so much this year, thanks to all of you. Here are some of my favorite combos from the year. Middle fig is my sigfig. (If I talked to you kinda a lot but didn't tag you tell me)
Haha epic meme haha. Just something for now, also kinda a sneak peak for what I'm working on rn. Last pic is bad but idc.
Unsuccessful day: Entry one. Normandy, France 1944. "Today went horribly wrong. Todd got shot after him and two others went on a morning patrol. One of them ran back and got me, but it was too late. Todd died. They captured his killer and another. Heard one of them had some information of a Nazi labor camp a ways down the road. - Private first class Robert Neil" I guess I'm starting a story line that probably won't get added to for a while. Oh well.
. - - The background is so bad, lol. But, other than that, I think it came out pretty good.
Old stuff that never got posted Unpopular opinion, TMC was actually good when that flak jacket came out.
Finally some brickworld combos. These are my favorite that I've made. British police officer isn't 100% accurate but, is good for now. Sorry for bad quality. Camera isn't working currently.
Cong killers - - - Shout out to the rare bin for most of this.
. - - - Had this idea since I got that robe/cloth piece at BW. Pretty simple but I like it. More horse related "kits"/gear to come. Also, peep the old Lego torsos and shield.
My total haul from brickworld so far. Having fun, sad Tommorrow is the last day
Bit late, but had fun at brickworld on day one. Day two arrives (probably going to be the best day)
Born for the air - - - Pretty basic fig. 2 posts to sort of compensate for my absence.
Recent mods- - - Catch me at brickworld next month
LRRP Scout/Sniper - - - Fig is based off of a character in a book I read, I think it came out good. I'm not entirely sure about the boonie hat though.
Camp at morning - - -
The 'Nam crew
Leading the lines - - - - Seen by Flickr first, feedback appreciated
War memoirs