Brett Eldredge

Don’t let life get boring...keep it weird

O Holy Night, and O holy early morning HIGH NOTES with the @bobbybonesshow this song and this crew
Woke up to this magical winter wonderland❄️
Skate date with mom...Magicalness ❄️🎄
Bucket list moment...SOLD OUT in this magical city in my home state...I will cherish this night forever..thank you 🙏🏼
This is one of the realest, rawest things I’ve ever got to be a part of...I hope it helps you find peace in your heart (link in bio)
Does having your pup on your socks make you a crazy dog person? I hope so @edgarboogie
There’s a lot that goes into making the set list...including whiskey #glowlive
Rehearsals for the GLOW LIVE tour are done and damn it was fun! Even the ice skating w/@edgarboogie 😂🎅🏼 who’s ready!? #glowlive
I remember being 4 years old looking up at this castle in awe thinking how magic is real...I grew up, and sometimes lost touch with that magic...last night, that lil dreamin kid got to sing with an amazing friend @meghan_trainor in front of that castle as fireworks lit up the sky and snow fell all around us...thanks for showing us magic still exists within all of us...keep dreamin!! @disney @abcnetwork
Helping others is what it’s all about...these amazing kids give me LIFE! How can you help others? #givingtuesday @vumcchildren
We lost Freddie Mercury 27 years ago today but his music still lives on...No one can do this song like him, but I just recorded it for a @onepeloton commercial and it’s stuck in my head...thanks for your gift Freddie
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