Brett Eldredge

Don’t let life get boring...keep it weird

I gotta thank my crew, along with @zdevin and @abbyandersonmusic crews for working their asses off on this tour...we shoulda called it “Stiff Neck Tour”
I always heard the expression “leave it all out on there on the stage” and thought it was just somethin people said. That is until I started touring...Tour life is very’s magic, it’s exhausting, it’s full of love and sometimes heart carry whatever is going on in your life and your music out there on the stage, and you let it all go to the people that love you and accept you for it....I can’t explain how freeing that is....thank you for giving me a voice, you all carried me through a hell of a year and a life changing tour! Thanks for taking the Long way around, I love you
Brett and Edgar’s Island Grill, May we take your order?!😂
Can someone interpret this art to me? No googling it...who’s the most creative? changed my life tonight with your heart and your smile...I cannot thank you enough for showing us all how to live! One things for sure, you are KICKING CANCERS ASS and I love you!
GLOW DELUXE pre order is here!!!! A limited number of these vinyls are up for grabs too!! You joinin me for Christmas?
You’re gonna give me that bacon or else....
Today is #worldmentalhealthday ...I recently started openly talking about my battles with anxiety through the years ...there is such a stupid stigma on mental health issues and I am here to tell you you’re not crazy, you’re not sick, you are HUMAN and you are CERTAINLY not alone...I’ve tried many things to try to treat it, what has worked the most for me is getting out of my head and into my go have fun, I know it’s uncomfortable but push yourself, break a sweat, who cares! Through the struggles comes growth and from the growth comes freedom...We got this
Milwaukee, you brought so much energy that I beamed into outer space...insane...thank you for tonight
Got to bring my dad and Uncle up on stage to drink some whiskey...This is what life’s all about! Thanks for the memories I will cherish forever ST LOUIS! You were pure magic tonight
There’s a GIANT roaming around ST LOU!
GLOW is back and it’s gonna be BIG! A bunch of new CHRISTMAS JAMS and Christmas SHOWS!!!! It’s never too early!🎅🏼🎅🏼🎅🏼(pre order Oct 12)
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