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Pacific Crest Trail 2017 #BenWouldGo

It’s funny how much I geeked out this past weekend doing a little trail magic and hearing thru-hikers talk about their adventure on trail thus far . . like Big Sky’s for instance. Swipe left to see how he made great friends with a very large and extremely hungry feller in the Sierra 😶
This tree is one tough SOB 💪🏼 . . Just a few hours ago the ‘Holy Fire’ broke out and is currently ripping through the Southern California mountains. The West Coast needs rain more than ever, so start yer rain dances 💃🏼🕺🏻
Summer vibes in 5..4...3....2......
I need some more Oregon in my life. Good thing I’m heading up there in just over a week with @kkkkellllyyyy ❤️ Side thought: You would be shocked at what you would find walking down a highway for a few hundred miles. Thousands of beer cans, license plates everywhere, cash, credit cards, and enough syringes to make you seriously question what people are doing while they drive
Did you know that mysterious bent trees are often Native American trail markers? Across the country you can find bent trees that were used by Native American tribes to serve as permanent trail markers.
I’ve been thinking a lot lately about retirement, and how we are all led to believe that we must tiptoe thru life hoping to safely make it to death. I, for one, am just not down. Adventure beckons 🤘🏼
T-minus three days until this is my view. Not sure about you guys but there is somethin about that ice cold Colorado River, 112 degree weather, and cheap beer that really gets me goin 😍
Welp, it’s July 1st and I’m already sick of the heat. I need to be swimming in the Colorado River or hiking with views like this, ASAP
Forget tropical beaches, I’ll take these High Sierra lakes any day
Have you ever seen a more beautiful sunset? The Sierra Wave, in all of its glory.
I’ll ride these big mountain pillow lines all day 🤘🏼
Disneyland’s Splash Mountain doesn’t have anything on this ride 🤘🏼
Much needed R&R in the Sierra soon.. 🙏
This particular spot is very near and dear to me. First person to guess where this is wins not one, but two high fives ✋🏼🤚🏼
I miss hitchhiking . . is that weird?
After a weekend out in Bullhead City, AZ with 107 degree temps, I need to stare at pictures like these to cool me down a bit 😎
As excited as I am for summer to be in full force, I’m always slightly bummed when winter comes to an end. Hiking in colder temps, necessary camp fires, and of course snowboarding . . what else can you ask for??
Out to the east of HWY 395 and the small town of Big Pine is where you’ll find the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest. Not only can you see the oldest living organism in the world - over 5,000 years old, but you get a pretty cool vantage point at just how massive the Sierra really is
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