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Damn, the new 13 reason's why got even darker #halloween
OK guys I had a lot of fun on the swaps, good that I didn't need to take them too seriously, glad you enjoyed them. That's it for now :) also yes I know legends ain't part of the #elseworlds #crossover it's Friday in Aus so have a dope weekend 🙏❤️
Dear @jonfavreau Odd question, are you going to make the bugs look delicious for us to want to eat them again O_O asking for a friend of a friend...... I'm that friend #YouKnowYouWantedToEat #lionking 🦁👑
New Grand Theft Auto #preordered @vancityreynolds
They got to let @grantgust rep #superman in this even for a few minutes, he loves supes more than batman loves recruiting robins 😅 #elseworlds
#elseworlds is going to be epically confusing 😅 @stephenamell
Upgrade and Venom are basically the same movie, think about it :D main actors even look like each other 😅 This is when they first activate their powers (I liked both)
FAST MONEY VOL. 1 in stores today Featuring billboard tracks such as 'I see no timeline changes' 'If I could turn back time, oh wait I can' 'Girl you got that vibe' 'Breach don't kill my vibe' 'I want it that schway' #theflash @grantgust @tha_los @mehcadbrooks
PROTON CANNON!!! #avengers4 @therussobrothers @robertdowneyjr My life would be complete if I see the cannon in A4 ❤️🙏😊
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