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BOHNES. singer. songwriter. creative director. traveler. NEW VIDEO FOR “STRAITJACKET” OUT NOW! *LINK BELOW*

came to Norway with this nerd to swim with killer whales and to kiss her on the forehead under the northern lights. @josephineskriver *SWIPE FOR COLOR*
“i met this angel.. she taught me to fly” @josephineskriver @victoriassecret 📸: @gettyimages *SWIPE FOR COLOR*
thought that today would be a great day to release this next single title and clip of another new song. it’s about holding your head high and being proud of who you are and what you’ve done. good or bad. “DON’T SING THE BLUES”. dropping Friday everywhere. click image for preview. SOUND ON.
tomorrow. my song for my jo. it’s crazy to love someone as much as i love @josephineskriver. i am far from perfect and far from deserving of something so pure and beautiful but i thank the stars every night that i’m lucky enough to live in a world where someone like her exists and gives love. meeting her changed everything. it gave me purpose. it gave me light. it gave me an eternity. i can’t imagine a world without her in it and i know i’ll never have to. i hope this song is worthy of her wings. i truly hope you are as excited to hear “Coffins” tomorrow as i am to release it. what could be more hauntingly beautiful and fitting than surprise releasing it on Halloween? 💀💀⚰️♥️ *TAG SOMEONE YOU WANT TO SPEND YOUR ETERNITY WITH*
opened up a can of whoop ass last night. #halseypresents *SWIPE FOR COLOR*
NEW MUSIC VIDEO AND SINGLE OUT TOMORROW! doing a Q&A in comments so ask me whatever you want!! *SWIPE FOR COLOR*
it’s hard to put into words how much music means to me. it’s been the subject of most of the highs in my life and the subject of many of the lows. can’t wait to see what this next chapter gives. MY SONG STRAITJACKET” OUT ON ALL PLATFORMS FRIDAY. Music video out on same day. 206: Act II is finally here. 💀💀💀💀 *SWIPE FOR COLOR*
jordan. and i ain’t talkin michael. *SWIPE FOR COLOR*
like father, like son. 👀 (extra points for anyone who can name what bar we are at) *SWIPE FOR COLOR*
every day i pray that when we have kids they look like her. 😂😂😂 *SWIPE FOR COLOR*
tower bridge, london. this post is for me. *SWIPE FOR COLOR*
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