Bogdan Erhu

Fitness addict. 🚀 Open minded. 🌐 21yo ✌️ London 💎 DM me for personalized diet 🔥

Insane legs workout. I still have the soreness from it. Many thanks to @pascudragos who did an outstanding job putting together this video. Appreciate it, ma boi.
Hey You! Yeah, you! Stop! Stop for a moment and enjoy the beauty of the life you are living! Be grateful! Be humble! Fight for your goals! Never give up!
In love with this place.
Was it a sunrise or a sunset? It doesn't really matter. All that matters is that it was beautiful.
Be patient. Some things take time.
Grateful to be where I am right now.
My better little version. Love you lil brother.
Live the moment.
Harder than life, Kinder than love.
Future thoughs.
Colorful nature. Colorful life.
Time for a change ! Wherever you are - be all there . Keep it up!
Fit couple. 👑💎
Let's go in an adventure !
Visit new places Try different things Be happy Love your life!
Relaxed pose. 🤙🏼
Do you even aim high?
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