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#15 Current shape. No edits. No light. No effects. 21 weeks out. 👌🏼
#14 If you're not making funny faces in your workout then that's a sign that you're not giving 100% . 🤔👌🏼
#13 Obsessed with the process. Fall in love with your process and with the struggle and never settle. One day you will find out that when you were actually into the dirt and with your head in the clouds, that's the moment when you learned the most. 👌🏼
#12 When someone is at the top of the mountain, he's not there because he felt from the sky there, but because he climbed all the way up. Stop judging successful people and stop saying that they are who they are because they got lucky or because they had rich parents, or whatever. They are who they are because they've put in the work, sweat, time and blood to become highly successful.
#11 The lesson of the day: Small steps matter the most. Don't get caught in distractions, never forget what you are fighting for and stay motivated.
#10 Alright, so it's the second post for today. I've challenged myself to post every single day one photo. Due to some technical issues with Instagram yesterday I wasn't able to post but I've done it twice today. What I'm trying to say is that you'll have some hard times in your life. That doesn't mean that you have to give up. When life puts you down, stand up and be more motivated, more ambitious and put twice the effort. PS: Don't forget to breathe out in your set guys.
#9 No caption. Just enjoying life.
#8 Another tbt from last year when it was burning hot outside during the summer in London. I can remember that just before that summer, before I moved in London, all my friends told me that London's weather is horrible and that it's raining almost all the time, just to come here and figure out that actually it's nothing like that. Now I'm not saying that all the people who told me that were wrong, the only thing that I want to emphasize is that we really messed up the temperature and that everything is coming back to us now. Hopefully, one day we'll all realise that global warming is not a joke and we should treat our planet the way it deserves.
#7 Another extremely sick video by my boy @pascufilms. Surround yourself with people that help you develop and take them with you up on the ladder of success. I cannot express how grateful I am for this video.
#6 Tbt when me and my brother were lifeguards. No matter what your goals are and what priorities you have in your life, family always will be first. Miss you little hero !
#5 Self love. Have you ever looked into the mirror and be grateful for the way you truly are? No I'm not saying that you should be narcissistic, that's something completely different. All I'm saying is that in order to achieve anything in life you gotta truly know and love yourself. The same thing applies in relationship. If you want to be in a relationship and not just for the sake of it but for the ethical sense, you have to love yourself first in order to love someone else. Don't expect someone to love you the way you want. You have to love yourself the way you want and let the others love the way they do. We're all different. C @pascufilms
#4 Some days, it's about success, about happiness, in other days it's about achieving your goal. Sometimes it's about failures and mistakes but never forget that even though you are walking through the mud and with your head in the clouds, there is another opportunity tomorrow for some green hills with a big beautiful sun up there.
#3 Today thoughts: If you want to do one thing, don't do it just because you have to; instead, do it because you choose to do it. It is all a matter of choice. You are responsible for everything that's going on in your life. And even though we are facing some hardships sometimes and circumstances don't allow us to get everything we want according to our plan, enjoy the journey and get through the hard moments with a smile on your face because no matter what, life happens.
#2 ⚠️GIVEAWAY⚠️FREE 1 MONTH DIET+WORKOUT⚠️ INSTRUCTIONS BELOW ⚠️ Alright people, I wanted to try something new so I am willing to giveaway a free diet plan plus workout for an entire month All you have to do is to: - TAG TWO FRIENDS IN THE COMMENTS OF THIS POST - COMMENT THE REASON YOU WANT TO HAVE THIS DIET AND WORKOUT The winner will be chosen with The giveaway is going to end in 4 days. (10.03.2019) GOOD LUCK!!! Sick photo by @pascufilms #health #active #cardio #instagood #motivation #workout #fitnessmodel #eatclean #diet #fit #fitnessaddict #fitspo #healthy #getfit #train #gym #excercise #TFLers #training #instahealth #cleaneating #strong #lifestyle #fitness #healthychoices #determination #bodybuilding
#1 Even tho I haven't posted in a while because it was not a priority for me, my brother @danielerhu remind me how important personal branding is and therefore here I am again trying to post as regular as I can. I will make a challenge and try to post everyday for the rest of the year. Will it be hard? Maybe. Am I going to succeed? Obviously. You can achieve anything you want as long as you put in the time and the effort required for it. LET THE GAME BEGIN!
Back in the days when I was flexing after almost each set. How many of you guys are flexing after your sets? It's just another way to keep that blood into the specific group you are training. Is it necessary? Well, it really depends what is your purpose but I recommend it if you want to increase your pump and make your muscles even more tired.
It's not necessary to post pics half naked in order to look sick. Most of the time, a good angle, a good colour grading and a lit photographer @pascufilms will make the difference.
Probably not the beat shot ever but why just posting the "best shot" with the "best angle". Feel free to express who you truly are and start loving yourself exactly how you are. C @pascufilms
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