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Really regret pulling my rose gold shoes out before taking the picture. Glad the crystals made it. #aesthetic #fbf
While flying back to the east coast a week ago, Mother Nature of on a show. Sad thing is, all of these beautiful sunsets of late are because of the smoke from California’s wildfires. If anyone knows of a group collecting relief for the affected areas, please let me know. From what I’ve heard, the fires are still growing, and more people, pets, wildlife and homes are in danger. #fbf #californiafires #unitedairlines
It was such an honor to be the only one having a good time #tbt 😂 (JK bridespeople of @ndiblasio , its universally known that this was the best weekend of our lives ❤️)
Quite possibly the gloomiest 5 summer days I’ve ever seen in Marblehead, but that’s not why I visit. I got to see my people. I got to hug them, laugh with them, and eat ALL their food. Back to #LA today with a full heart. 💙
Yesterday we shot the creative for a bold and beautiful campaign by @defyntskin. We’re disrupting the beauty industry and bringing the highest quality CBD products mainstream. Usually a 12 hour day would have me feeling overheated, and my cheeks would be swollen and red in a way that could last 2-days. I can actually FEEL @defyntskin fighting that inflammation. Everyone can use this product. Purchase through @kushqueenshop and use my code “todayshighs” for 20% off 🔥🔥🔥 and a major THANK YOU to @mrcourtneycharles for your marathon performance 📸📸
#wcw ’ing our Beverly Hills Lifestyle’s Summer covergirl - the always-impressive Laura Linney! So proud of our team for this one. Follow @bhlmagazine for more sneak peeks into our newest release.
Cleansed and charged all of these babies under Friday’s blood moon 🔥 Rededicated some altars and moved some stones that absorb negative energy. I opened my heart and mind to the opportunities that come with new or shifting roads ✨✨ I made some time to love myself this weekend, and not just by eating bacon mac twice. #highlyrecommended
Owning my heritage and skin type and officially avoiding extended and unnecessary sun exposure. #bubbesboy #tbt
This might look like a #mcm about myself. It’s not. It’s actually an ode to the one and only @katequaley , who celebrates another lap around the sun today; another year of being there for every friend who needs an ear or a shoulder or a mimosa or a reality check or a silk robe and “bride tribe” hat. #godisawoman and she made you in her image Piniewni. Love you, and you’re welcome for including some pictures where our mouths are closed.
It’s like that thing where your parents lift you up while walking so that you can feel like you’re flying but instead of being 6 I’m 28 and instead of parents it’s these 3 daddies. #happyfriday #northparksunsets #northpark #boys #boysboysboys #gay
Another lap around the sun for this one right here. She’s beauty and she’s grace, she’s making me prouder than the United States. Clinton brings a burst of sunshine into every room, and the most trustworthy emergency contact a lady of leisure could wish for. Happy Birthday, @clint_grant ILYSFM 🔥🌈🦄❤️ #tbt #denverpride #adlibs #gay #gayginger #gingersnap #gingers
July 1st feels about right. I couldn’t tell you where May and June went, but I do know I loved them and filled them with amazing moments including so many of you 🔥🚀🦑🌅🏙👸🏻👰🏼🐳💦 There were workouts and dinners and movies and long drives (these pictures are from SF->LA) and flights and weddings and birthdays and lots of weed and #compliance and a TON of #carbs 🍕🥐🍞🥖🥞🍔🍌🎂🍰 There were also several hits taken at our Democracy, stains on our history as a nation, and the loss of some truly inspiring lives 🌄 Thank you to each of you who made the particularly bad days feel even just a little better, for a little while, and I hope I can do the same for you ❤️ Let’s #makejulygreatagain and live each day with super cute intentions to better our world 🇺🇸 #thinkgloballyactlocally #morethoughtlessthot #gay
I’m not sure if I’ve taken a moment to truly acknowledge the ANGEL HUMAN in this photo, and the one who’s not in it. The past month has been a crazy whirlwind and half of it has been spent with Natalie and Brent Summers. First we got married, and then we kind of did it again. We’ve also spent a couple of minutes on FaceTime and the phone. You raise the bar on what it means to really know know and understand another person, and I’m so lucky to have you both forever.
Finally taking some time to reflect on what was truly the most beautiful weekend celebrating @chrissieconomou ’s birthday, which she chose to spend with us here in #LA . 25 years together and I swear we get better with each one. And it goes without saying that having @jshot_rc here in LA has been a treat like no other. I love you both. I loved our weekend. I’m such a lucky fuck. 🌈❤️
Honestly, everything is pretty overwhelming right now. We’ve got an insane amount of work to do in this country, and probably on ourselves. That’s why it’s also important that with this consciousness and action, we also take the occasional moment to put it all aside and jump on a mechanical bull. Thanks for inspiring me in every way this past weekend @chrissieconomou @jshot_rc ❤️🔥
Everyone knows I love a good #tbt but this Flag Day, as with every June 14th since 1993, I need to take a moment to wish my love, my beard, my friend the HAPPIEST birthday 🇺🇸🏳️‍🌈 Together in our quarter-decade of friendship, we’ve survived 6 different schools, the aging of our families, beautiful Burlington nights, and not one but two coming-outs! I love you so much and you’re on your way here to #LA right now so I just can’t wait to wrap my arms around you. Happy birthday Chrissi ❤️#supergaypowercouple
We’re so good at getting married we decided to just keep doing it. You pulled together one hell of a shindig @hallieg123 ❤️#westcoastwedding #itsstillsummerstime
Gotta get some more #gay stuff in before another round of wedding pictures. Happy #Pride ! ✌🏼🏳️‍🌈👑✌🏼😘
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