mostly marvel & b99 (❁´◡`❁)

don’t think i’m gna be on this acc much 😥 busy w school n allat
my ship for gisselle & all cordueva luvrs<3 my audio
LJ💌 sorry this is super short n lame i’ve been busy [#omgpage ]
just pretending for iqra & sami 💗
chandler & monica, meant to be ac someone on sc, i’ll look bc i forgot
lady sif 🤨 underrated ac cordueva on sc
for @spideyxfrost <3 you’re my secret summer! this really sucks, i’m sorry omg [#secretsummeredit ] sorry it’s dark at the beginning 😬 AND I’M SORRY THIS IS LATE ac beronicasfate
an extremely old edit LOL tb to when i didn’t know what twixtor was :p jus wanted to post
calum💘 [#gloomygrp ]
the sun will shine on us again. for belle, rachel, nahian, maria, maddie, kendra, noel, torenz, aaliyah, katie ❤️ ac beronicasfate [#avengerscult #gloomygrp ]
a family for everyone who loves them ac i forgot but if u know pls lmk [#brooklyngrp #gloomygrp ]
a mf trio (🌳oh) for emma, belle, noel, maria i might repost this if it flops/posts in shitty quality LOL plus i fucked up the cover photo ac plotwistaudios (edited)
cutie 💖 my audio <3 the song is bloom later by jesse rutherford AKA my user
softie 💓💓 this is super simple
a woman 🤤 for @s.tarmora @luafilms @laufloki_ <3 ya guessed it ac crya.otiel ib wxsped
i posted 15hrs ago but i wanna get this scrap outta the way don mind me
an underrated softie 💗💖💕💘💞 I TAKE IT BACK I wanna post my charles edit
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