_________________β†ͺπŸ†•β†©___________________ γ€Šγ€Š AVAILABLE β†˜β¬‡β†™ EVERYWHERE 》》 || ⬇NOT FROM EARTH Mixtape just dropped ⬇||

I'm happy I'm getting everything i deserve
16 yrs with a mixtape better than your favourite rapper‘‘‘ Comment @tallracksrec (ALSO AVAILABLE ON soundcloud)β˜‡
Don't choke when you see me passinβ˜‡
Don't catch feelings, that's an L
05 October, SWIPE➑
Be Real available on all digital streaming platforms 🌺
πŸ’”Broken tales of her still have me wondering if she notices me. β€’ _ β€’ 'Save Me Single' β€’ πŸ‘† Cloud 9 feelings πŸ‘†
White T, felt good 🎼 Come on be discreet EP in my bio
Swipe on . . .πŸ’€ Lucid EP Tracklist πŸ’’
I would pull my hair out for you πŸ’”
Would u have a drink with me 🍻
Significant other to my RIGHT😴
Don't Phase Me 😴
Eyes πŸ‘€ closed πŸ˜†, what you sayin
Why you starin πŸ‘€
I found you in a back alley 😒
Can't touch the untouchable
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