OAKLAND->LA | Support Your Friends |

always headed somewhere
still just amazed that i get to do what i love everyday. Appreciate you all for tuning in | favorite hoodie by @svqqa
LJ is a boxing champ 🥊🏆 | who do you wanna see me work with?
SABA x SOULECTION | 6:10 at Timeless Stage
what’s your favorite place you’ve traveled to? ps hey @donslens & @iamhalsey from the other helicopter
THIS FRIDAY 💟 Love Myself
Big Sean with Madeintyo | From way back but still one of my favorite days on set. #blingblaow
keeping it casual
lost files of one of my favorite dogs @idnitsocute
Back to New York we go. Fallon Show tomorrow
prioritizing spending more time outside this year
coming soon with @spotify ☄️ !!
soundcheck files
Looking forward to working w/ a bunch of new faces all next month in LA! Let’s shoot 🧡
could never get sick of seeing Gorillaz live .. especially when it’s with Simz
call for last looks #BTSBlair
another from Rita’a visit with @vevo today
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