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. Monochromatic tattoo specialists. . 416.588.2982 . Inquiries please email us at . .

We’re super excited to be having specialist from @lovelesstattoo in house August 23rd-26th. Email or call 416.588.2983 to book now.
Deep thoughts by @dreegz. To book a consultation for a lettering or script based tattoo email us at
Cherub by @pinkthroat. Fineline and single needle tattoos have to be done exactly right. Many artists doing the style right now are creating tattoos that will look great initially, but will fall apart after a few years, due to lack of experience and true technical understanding of the style and its aging process past the 10 year point. . We come from an artistic lineage straight from the single needle source in California, and we were the first doing it correct in Toronto, possibly in all of Canada. . If you are looking for a single needle tattoo that will look great and age well with you, come get it done right at Black Widow. Email us to book at or call 416.588.2982.
Always on time, by @dreegz. To book with Dreegz or any of our fineline specialists please email us at
Nature scene by @pinkthroat. Nature has long been a solid inspiration for tattoo ideas; if you’re looking for a modernized re-interpretation of classic nature themes, please email us at
Linework minimalism by @kattcoulter. This style of tattoo is deceptively difficult to execute, as it will show all aberrations in linework immediately. To get this style done right please email us at or call 416.588.2982
Fineline black and grey on Gabriela, by Chino. If you’re looking for black and grey work in any style we’re the correct shop for you. Email or call 416.588.2982 to book with one of our artists now.
Tattoos are primarily visual alterations of the body, but they can also have deeper and more significant impacts on our lives. . At Black Widow we’ve made efforts to explore these positive effects on others, and we have been so fortunate to have our lives touched in return by people we consider to be heroes, who have struggled through tremendous odds and prevailed. . We were privileged to be part of the end of a chapter for @thepriyamistry , to whom we donated a double mastectomy scar coverup after her successful battle with breast cancer. . We can’t all be heroes and we can’t help everyone in the world, but we can all do a little good to those around us.
One of the greatest jiu jitsu fights of all time visualized as a backpiece, @rogergracie defeats @marcusbuchecha by choke in their second fight in 2017.
Money and chain link by @dreegz on @bennyoungbennyoung
@tayloroakesproductions getting her back outlined.
Otters by @pinkthroat. Otters might be the cutest animals ever, if you have an animal or wildlife tattoo in mind please email us at to book a consultation.
Nice soft black and grey by @dreegz. To book a consultation with Dreegz or any of our black and grey specialists please email us at
What the hell. By @pinkthroat. To book with one of our fineline specialists please email us at
Minimalist pinup by @kattcoulter. To book a project in this style please email us at
Single needle snake by @pinkthroat. To book a fineline tattoo session please email us at or call 415.588.2982
Lion head on Amelia, by Chino. If you’ve been thinking about getting work done in an illustrative black and grey style contact us at to set up a consultation with one of our artists
Cave bear skeleton by @kattcoulter. To book with Katt please email or call 416.588.2982
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