Natasha, Wanda, Darcy, Mantis

|| Marvel || “The only thing that stands between Thanos is Wakanda. And Bucky’s hair.” 269 Days until Avengers 4!!!

just finished voltron guess I’ll die - Mantis - - credit to artist on tumblr
HAPPY BIRTHDAY @imsebastianstan
Bucky’s Thot Energy ™ is strong - Mantis
this hurts me on every level and I want you all to share my hurt too - Mantis
impulsive idiot - also, @ people who hate on Tony Stark,, who do you think you are? Thanks - Mantis
Groot is a very confused Boi ™ - Mantis
i was finally able to watch agent carter and now im sad it got canceled -Natasha
sea bass stan’s latest post makes me wonder if he actually owns ass-less chaps -Mantis
tag yourself I’m the middle square - Mantis
this ain’t in order I’m sorry. also I drank a delicious smoothie so call me tony stark now - Mantis
my crop game is bad I’m so sorry, MARVEL CRACK PART 2, creds to owners and creators! -Mantis
CRACK PART 1, creds to the original owners and creators! - Mantis
I had a pretty rockin dream last night - the gist of it was that I got to hang out with Loki but he was??? A??? Vampire??? It was pretty sweet - Mantis
we may have a slight obsession with marvel, no biggie -Darcy & Natasha
mochi is such an underrated dessert - Mantis
great now I have Micheal Jackson stuck in my head -Mantis
Third one continues😊 thought these were funny-Darcy
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