Natasha, Wanda, Darcy, Mantis

|| Marvel || “The only thing that stands between Thanos is Wakanda. And Bucky’s hair.” 100 Days until Avengers: Endgame!!!

well finals are basically done so here: pain -Natasha
i was feeling some soft Sea Bass content (please sign my petition to call Sebastian Stan Sea Bass from now on okay) -Mantis
fresh hot memes for you! School is so busy for all of the co-owners because of finals and stuff so expect us to be a little slow with memes, tag ur friends and have a nice day! -Mantis
I only do what’s right #giverobertdowneyjranoscar
I started watching Turn on Netflix and JJ Field looks so much like Tom Hiddleston im screaming -Mantis
okay beat me up or what we but 5SOS is good y’all are just mean -Mantis
last picture haunts me enjoy -Mantis
nebula and Bucky can both slap me in the face with their metal arms while Loki stabs me in the throat with his tiny knife -Mantis
I’m watching Birdbox and finally some zaddy POC representation give it a watch - Mantis
I’m going to my cousins house and opening gifts woohooo -Mantis
this is the truest thing I have ever seen in my life -Natasha
We would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!!! Thanks for everything you guys do and we hope you all have a great new year!!!❤️ -Natasha, Wanda, Darcy, Mantis
he looks so bewildered😂 -Natasha
THE BEST thing I have seen. E V E R. -Natasha
So many spices memes for yalls today -Mantis
ITS #thirstythursday IN THE MCU today boys because it’s my 16th today so y’all deserve some full ass meals on your feed today!!! -Mantis
This made me fall out of my loft bed and lay in the floor chortling -Mantis
this crop makes me wanna tell Mr. Stark that I don’t feel so good -Mantis
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