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Some gameplay I recorded and threw together of #reddeadredemption2 , I’ll leave the link to my gaming channel in my bio ! #reddeadredemption2 #reddead #reddead2
Finally ! My local TRU got in its FAN CENTRAL figures . Great stuff . #wwe #mattel #wwefigures #elite #hhh
Oh you dirty bastards . Oh well , Milwaukee’s getting elite 56 In guys , check it your Walmart’s and targets !
Gotta say it’s worth it for the accessories, not available here in the States I think but like I said the accessories are nice & the head is fantastic , jakks always had the best face sculpts hands down .
I wonder how they’ll do the interchangeable hands . #mattel #wwetoys
Hey guys check out my review for the new Yokozuna action figure . Link in bio .
Bought myself a birthday present 🎁
ALSO for those interested , I’m starting anew Instagram up dedicated to ACBA it’s called @redrum_figs , I’ll post cool ACBA photos & marvel legends/ DC comics figure stuff .
Hello fellow customizers ! Quick question , what’s your preferred sculpting clay when it comes to Wrestling Figs ? Mines is MILIPUT . You can purchase it online but I bought mine at my local hobby lobby . I’d love to know what everyone else uses though , maybe there’s better stuff out there . Comment below your preferred sculpting clay #wwefigures #wwefigs #wrestlingfigures #mattel #wwemattel #customfigures
Thrift store pick ups !
Ravishing , welcome to the family #wwe #mattel #wwefigs
Damn so they really screwed us with the legs huh
Introducing Mattel’s new tough talkers baro- I mean new basic series Baron Corbin ..
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