Anthony Vincent

Temecula, Ca Photographer Photography, dance, and food 4 yrs of 365 challenge Catch my photo-edit streams at Keep Being Awesome πŸ˜„

Day 260 - Forever making funny faces at the camera. Gosh 105 days left in the year, let's make them count! #keepbeingawesome
Day 259 - "it's times like this my buddy Timon here says you got to put your behind in your past." Visiting the LA Zoo with friends. #keepbeingawesome
Wandering around Pasadena with @squidbrains & @kunoichi_shea without my camera πŸ˜… #keepbeingawesome
Day 258 - Dog Agility Class 🐢 Getting the most out of Golden hour . #keepbeingawesome
Day 257 - Amanda back in the gym this week! Just over two weeks into her plan and she's dropped 6 pounds! #keepbeingawesome
Messing around at the end of last night's session. Really digging the new @raleighritchie song πŸ‘ŒβœŒοΈπŸ”₯ #keepbeingawesome
Day 256 - This is going to be impossible, I like those odds! #keepbeingawesome
Breaking in the new shoes, Plus-Ultra style! #keepbeingawesome
Day 255 - The look of when the person getting food disappears behind a blanket. She's adorable. #keepbeingawesome
Day 254 - Feeling in the zone tonight! The mental focus to stick this pose, while setting off the camera with a too sweet gesture πŸ€˜πŸ˜… #keepbeingawesome
Day 253 - Looking at the outside world. Home alone with the pup, waiting for food πŸ˜… #keepbeingawesome
Day 252 - The late night session. Breaking in the new shoes after the old one got torn up πŸ˜… #keepbeingawesome
Day 251 - It just randomly hits +100 degrees, doing what we can at Agility to stay cool #keepbeingawesome
Day 250 - Lost in Virtual Reality. Stepping the game up! Many thanks to @garrison__bree for modeling. #keepbeingawesome
To BlΓΌdhaven. 10 Swipes! Never thought I could reach this again. #keepbeingawesome
Day 249 - Dancing inside out. Late night gym with @kunoichi_shea #keepbeingawesome
Day 248 - My niece and the pets have been bonding. They go wherever she goes, pack leader! 🐢 #keepbeingawesome
Attempting Windmill to handstand after two years of shying away, digging the sounds recommended by @adobewan_kenobi #keepbeingawesome
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