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Today, I want to talk about Reading; why it's important you include reading as one of the things you will start doing in 2019. Reading is a culture! When i say "Reading", I don't mean reading to pass examinations. I mean reading to get useful informations. For instance, if you work as a Secretary and want to be a successful Secretary, you have to read books written by people who are/were the best Secretaries in the World. This is the kind of reading i mean. Getting useful Education. You see in Africa and Nigeria to be precise, the reading culture has dwindled over the years especially with the coming of mobile phones and the social media. Although these tools have made reading culture grow in other parts of the world because now you can easily buy, download and read soft copies of E-books at the comfort of your phone. Social media pages that post things related to growth, motivation e.t.c rarley get much followers and likes. But pages that share News, gossips, sex information and their likes get more followers and likes. This is sad! It goes to show that our generation is derailing and has serious implications. Research has it that over 30 million Nigerians have poor reading skills. And to be honest, most persons are broke and will die broke because they detest investing in themselves like buying books with their money and reading. I have not seen a poor person who reads good books, applied what's been read and still stay broke. Never! Do you know that almost every SUCCESSFUL person in America refers to a book as a foundation for their Success? But majority of the young persons in Africa only read Text books for to pass exams. While your pastors and politicians read some of these books you have refused to read and apply the strategies gotten from these books on you, they then milk you stupid. If you have been following me, you will know that i invest heavily in Books. (SWIPE LEFT) see the 2 books i bought on Jumia this Morning. Both of them cost me a whopping sum of 21k and by the time am done with shipping it to my house, total cost may be 40k Naira. Books should be part of your Investments in 2019. HAVE A SENSE OF DIRECTION FOR 2019.
Dear Felllow Nigerian Youths i just Bought a copy of this book Written by the Owner Founder of Zenith Bank now for 9k Naira. Do you know that Jim Ovia is the Owner of Zenith Bank a company that generates over 1 Billion Naira Profit from Internet Banking alone? A company that Generates Billions in Profit Yearly. Do you know that Jim Ovia who wrote this book is Amongst the Richest Africans? DO YOU KNOW THAT HE DIDN'T GIVE THIS BOOK FOR FREE BUT HE IS SELLING IT ON JUMIA FOR 9K NAIRA? I JUST WANT TO TELL YOU THAT I paid for IT. This is for all of you who stupidly say "IF YOU HAVE MADE MONEY you won't sell the book but Give it free. Now Is Jim Ovia Rich or Not?
Perosnal research revealed that Over 50% of Nigerian Youths are Visionless(Don't Know Exactly what they Want)" I hope you are not Among. In 2019 if you don't have a reason for being online Kindly Get My new Book "GET RICH OFF THE NET " and get a sense of direction.
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#tbt Looking back from Janaury till date what are you THANKFUL for?
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#Trobak2016 Treat People with Love and Respect A man who is of little importance and means today can be a person of power tomorrow. I forget a lot in my life, but i rarely forget the people who were there when i had nothing. Think about this! #RBTM
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AFTER GRADUATION WHAT NEXT? CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL CORP MEMBERS WHO'S POP IS TODAY. I like to tell you about the most memorable day in the life of a Nigerian graduate, before this day that I want to talk about, let me first share with you briefly about the process that leads to that d- day. Thousands of Nigerian graduates were received at their respective camps across the country amidst anxiety, smiles, hopes, and excitement. They stayed for 2 weeks in these camps, and were later sent to their Places of Primary Assignment (PPA). This process is generally called theYouth Service Corps” NYSC, a scheme created to promote peace and inter-relation amongst tribes, cultures and regions in Nigeria. But I call it the “National Year of Self realization”. It is true that the generally accepted NYSC was created to promote peace, but I believe it is also not only a time for the graduate to plan his or her life after school but this period opens the door to another face of the life of the youth in question. The NYSC service year is filled with lots of fun and adventure, and many get carried away by these. They get carried away by the very pretty ladies; the cool handsome guys; the freedom and fun. They fail to realize that NYSC is just a very tiny phase of their life that will pass just like the 4, 5 or 6 years in the university passed away. They fail to think on their lives outside service. They fail to provide answer to the question, “what next after service?” Only a few are able to think, ponder and plan a life after this very period. After this one year of supposed fun they are then released into the labour market many without plans and strategy. And since our education system is built to produce job seekers, they join the already overcrowded unemployment queue. Frustration and possibly depression may set in considering the individuals personal plan. The many who fail to utilize this period of “Self realization”, come to this realization few days before or after their “Passing out Parade”, the very day I want to talk you about. This “Passing out Parade day” is definitely a day filled with joy, laughter, and excitement. It is a day filled.... CONTINUE FROM COMMENT
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