Charmian Ong

Architect turned ceramicist making pieces in Melbourne, Australia. Enquiries:

Stack of high rim plates in Sumi. I have a few of these in Sumi and none in Yuki as I ran out of time. Should I try to make more? Available @koskela_ and @melbourne_ceramics_market (10-11 Nov).
A low rim plate in Yuki. If I’m being boring I call it a sides plate. But I like to think of it as a dinner party for one. It’s an intimate size; lovely for single serve of tapas / sushi / cheese / a plateful of cookies or a generous serving of cake. Oh it also partners well with my shallow rim platter and is available @koskela_ and @melbourne_ceramics_market (10-11 Nov).
Hanging planter in Yuki. Available @koskela_ and @melbourne_ceramics_market (10-11 Nov). What sort of plants should I fill these up with? 🤔 Also on the topic of plants, does anyone know where I can get some asparagus fern?🌿
A salad bowl in Yuki. I really really REALLY like this one.
A planter with recessed drip tray in Umi. In @koskela_ and available @melbourne_ceramics_market (10-11 Nov). Starting to panic a little. @melbourne_ceramics_market day is approaching and soon I will be turning my kiln on every second day so here’s hoping she will withstand extreme work conditions!
Eenie meenie miney mo..... which do you prefer? Mugs in Sumi, Umi and Yuki. Available @koskela_ and @melbourne_ceramics_market (10-11 Nov).
A Salad Bowl in Umi. It was hard to say goodbye to this one. I love the subtle streaks in this, like sunrays streaming through clouds or light rays underwater. Available @koskela_ and @melbourne_ceramics_market (10 Nov - 11 Nov).
Beaker in Yuki. Love the triangular shadow this beaker cast. Feeling a little reflective this morning. Available @koskela_ .
Hanging planters in Yuki, Sumi and Umi. Available @koskela_ . I can’t wait to see more colour in our garden as the weather warms up. To be honest I have really neglected it over the winter months so not really sure what will be sprouting up. We took a walk yesterday and our neighbour’s cherry blossom trees were in full majestic bloom. So we took a photo and pretended we were cherry blossom viewing somewhere in Japan. 🙊🌸🌸🌸
Beakers / Tumblers in Umi. Happy Friday! Enjoy the long weekend in Melbourne folks!
Platter, High Rim Plate, Low Rim Plate and Mug in Yuki. Just playing with shapes and shadows in the studio. 🌖
Planter with recessed drip tray in Yuki. This is by far the trickiest thing I do from my range. I throw the planter first, then the drip tray. I aim for consistency in dimensions but there are discrepancies between each planter. Therefore I turn each drip tray to slot into the recessed base of the planter and the two parts then form a whole. This means they are not really interchangeable with other planters. I try to get a close enough fit between the two but there are times when things don’t go according to plan and it takes several goes to get that perfect fit. Available in Yuki (white), Sumi (black) and Umi (grey green) @koskela_ .
Mug in Yuki. School holidays have started and, although I probably won’t get a lot of work done during this time, I will be looking forward to a more relaxed routine with my girls. Yay to no early morning madness, packed lunches for 2 weeks and to cute play dates. Available @koskela_
Beakers in Umi. Now available @koskela_ !
A couple of breakfast bowls in Umi. Love how the glaze breaks to a brown over the rims. I’ve made lots of batches of Umi before but this batch is by far my favourite.
Mugs in Sumi and Umi. These mugs have been a little tricky lately. That means my seconds pile has a healthy collection of mugs. Nothing massive just glaze was a little thin and my construction joints between handle and mug were showing through. I will need to work out a better way to not lose so many in my next round. Now time for my morning coffee!
Beaker in Yuki. I am currently in packing mode as I wrap every piece in multiple layers of bubble wrap and playing Tetris in how they fit into boxes. It has been a little difficult this week to get as much done as I would like. I’m using my chance to photograph over 8 months of work, my husband was away for work, I’m holding the fort and my girls are just too darn cute. Like should I go to my 7 year old’s colonial day excursion today (all kids in their ye olde worlde get up) or stay in the studio. Help! 🤔
Mug in Yuki.
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