Bisous For Léo

Help us kiss INAD goodbye 💋

Signed, SEALed, Delivered! Merci @maxthieriot @neilbrownjr @ajbuckley @ditathehairmissile @sealteamcbs 💋💋💋 #BisousForLéo
Here’s the thing about my parents that you probably don’t know yet...they are BOTH carriers of #INAD . It’s a recessive gene and guess what? They had no idea that they are carriers. Even though my mother had genetic testing before I was born, she wasn’t tested for #INAD . Not only was it not on her radar, but she had never heard of it before my diagnosis. So now at least you know. If you’re pregnant or thinking of getting pregnant, make sure to advocate for yourself and get tested for #INAD . It may cost a bit more money, but I promise it will save you a ton of heartache in the long run 💋 #BisousForLéo
Merci @littlethingsandnotsolittle for showing that bisous and kindness are always in fashion! #BisousForLéo 💋 #Repost @littlethingsandnotsolittle ・・・ Casual Sunday is for @bisousforleo 💋💋💋❤️ Please visit his page and make a donation for this cause #indawareness #kisses #bisousforléo
Always with the freshest farmer’s market finds! Merci @weelicious !! So many bisous back to you 💋💋💋 #BisousForLéo
Nope! I can’t think of anything easier than sending me bisous to raise awareness and funds to help cure #INAD . Can you? 💋 #BisousForLéo
These bisous are Better With You @jessemccartney ! Merci for being such a Beautiful Soul 💋💋💋 #BisousForLéo #Repost @jessemccartney ・・・ These are my Bisous for Léo! I hope you’ll send him yours too. Léo has an incredibly rare genetic disorder called INAD, often referred to as “Parkinson’s mixed with Alzheimer’s for kids.” It’s an absolutely devastating diagnosis as there are currently no treatments or cures. We’re hoping to change that; every dollar helps and every kiss spreads awareness for INAD. Please post your own bisous and donate at so we can help save his life and kiss INAD goodbye. #BisousForLéo 💋 @bisousforleo
Beach hair, don’t care! Merci @renatocampora for these bisous!! So many bisous back to you 💋💇🏻‍♂️ #BisousForLéo
Ollie! Merci for being my bisou friend and for spreading awareness about #INAD . So many bisous back to you 💋#BisousForLéo #Repost @brittanyanne ・・・ Ollie’s sending #bisousforléo Léo has a very rare genetic disorder called INAD, often referred to as “Parkinson’s mixed with Alzheimer’s for children.” There are no known treatments or cures at this time, BUT we can change that together! Please post your own bisous to Léo and donate at bisousforlé so we can help save his life and 💋#INAD goodbye! #findacure @bisousforleo
Halloween vibes are setting in! Do you have your Hershey’s Kisses yet? Swipe right 💋 #BisousForLéo #FBF
Some people are worth melting for; @joshgad is definitely one of them. Merci for these bisous, I’m never going to Let It Go ☃️💋#BisousForLéo
Merci @paceofme for showing everyone how easy it is to help me! With your bisous, awareness is raised and hopefully money for a cure too. So many bisous back to you, @tiny_runner_girl and @esaid01 🏃‍♀️💋 #BisousForLéo #Repost @paceofme ・・・ On the eve of the @chimarathon my girlfriends @tiny_runner_girl @esaid01 and I took a few minutes to make this boomerang of kisses 😘 for a sweet little 2 year old boy named Leo who has an extremely rare and horrific disease called INAD. INAD is often referred to as “Parkinson’s mixed with Alzheimer’s for kids” - causing children to lose both cognitive and physical abilities. There are currently no treatments or cures, and Leo will not likely make it passed his 10th birthday 😢💔 I cannot imagine. // My dear friend @mileposts has known Leo’s mama @debsbd for a long time, and as a friend of hers as well as a mama, this story makes my heart hurt and makes me want to do what I can to help spread awareness about the disease! When I told Amy and Liz about it, they didn’t hesitate for one second to join me. ❤️ If you want to help too, post your own kisses like us and donate to so we can all help make a difference for Leo and others, and kiss INAD goodbye! ❤️💋🙏🏻 . . . #bisousforléo #kisses #fundraising #strongertogether #perspective #bisous #makeadifference #kissinadgoodbye
@pethtel and @jofffie representing Bisous For Léo at the Chicago Marathon! I’m in the race for my life trying to find a cure for #INAD . So grateful to you both for running alongside of me #BisousForLéo 💋🏃‍♀️
Merci @mommasohn for proving that momma knows best!! So many bisous back to you! #BisousForLéo 💋💋💋
Swinging into Sunday with smooches 💋💋💋#BisousForLéo
Lady Bird bisous that truly give me Goosebumps! Merci @odeyarush so grateful to you #BisousForLéo 💋💋💋
Merci @zooeyinthecity !! Wishing you a bisous-filled weekend 💋💋💋 #BisousForLéo
Dreaming of bisous and a cure for #INAD 😴💋 #BisousForLéo
#INAD can definitely be filed under Sh*t No One Told you! Future episode idea?! Either way, so grateful @gutstadt...bisous to you!! 💋💋💋
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